how to check the code on a 95 nissan quest

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i just picked up a nissan quest that has been sitting for about a year so i got it home and it doesnt want to start it trys it will turn over i also have the check engine light on but do not know how to check it the van is a nissan quest gxe 1995
so does anybody have a suggestions


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    You could take it to an Autozone store and they will scan the code for you free of charge, since that is not possible then you would have to get a code reader. A code reader cost a little money, so you should buy one only if you are going to use it on a regular basis or if you know you are going to work on this van yourself.
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    well i know auto zone or discount do that but the car is obd 1 not obd2 sothey told me that they cant plus i bought a scanner but only for a 1996 and up not for obd 1 there is another way to check it but i dont know were to use a jumper so i can read it off the check engine light when blinks
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    I have a 99 Quest, so I can't tell you much about a 95. I do have a cheap Haynes manual that shows the procedure you are looking for on section 6-4.
    A trip to Pep Boys or Auto Zone would do the trick.
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    I recently took my quest to get the fuel pump changed. Then it had problems starting and quit all together. A starter relay was replaced. Now it starts with difficulty. Now the seat belts don't work and the transmission seems to be stuck in 1st or second gear and it will not shift at any rpms it seems.
    It was fine when it got to the mechanic and he says he did nothing to that area of the car and would have done nothing to produce the seat belt (passenger side) and trany problems. Any suggestions of what to do and what could have caused the trany problem?
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