Dodge Challenger Tweaks and Modifications

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This is where the inner cash having... brain-storming you comes out to play. Tweak... Give... and Get ideas of modifications of one of your favorite Monsters by Trevor Creed.


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    Trying to purchase or order a 2009 Dodge Challenger SE because that is the model we can afford. Local dealer said they are not making the SE anymore. They said the G package is the only one that will be made. Can you confirm this? Can a 2009 SE still be ordered? Is the factory closed or open? When will they begin making the vehicles again?
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    Lets face it, Challenger is a totally retro ride with some modern conveniences and it looks awesome. It turns every head when it goes by. For the sake of possibly convincing Chrysler/Fiat execs that some things just need to be added to make it the ultimate bad boy on the road. I personally like the Classic Edition R/T but I think to make this complete let's make available those nice 20" chrome clad wheels and for sure white leather on the seats with black dash, trim and carpets. Not to mention a limited slip for the automatic box which should be a 6 speed in this day and age.
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    The guys at HPP ( have made some slight modifications to a now Daytona:


    Look for it at SEMA
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    A reporter is looking to speak to a recent buyer or a current shopper of a Chevy Camaro, Dodge Challenger Ford Mustang or Nissan 370Z . Please send your daytime phone number to [email protected] by Tuesday, November 10, 2009.

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    I Believe What they mean is the SE Ralleye (The Base with Foglamps, Spolier, 18" Custom Heretage Wheels, Autostick, and Dual Stripes)Is What Us People want. It is allready a problem that Challenger's 4 - Speeded SlushBox is in What way a Match for A Car Decked in I-Dare-You-To. That is why we are Getting a 6.4L 392 Crate HEMI Later in the year. So The SE Is still Alive... But With More >BANG<
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    Lets Put a Blown 426 In It! 6 - Speed Hurst, Lighter Seats, Roofscoop, And Open it up at Daytona.
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    2011 Magurano, I Say it is Durango. The Magnum... SUV? IT WAS A WAGON. Discontinued Due to Lack (NO) Competition.
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