Toyota Solara Heat and AC Problems

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I have a 2001 Solara, and the heater/AC fan ONLY works with the fan control switch in the high position. There is probably some sort of series resistors that lowers the voltage to the fan motor, but I can't seem to find them. Where are they located and how do I get at them? Any other possible suggestions?


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    Hi Jeff,

    I have a 2000 Toyota Solara and had the same problem. The fan (climate control) would only blow on High. No Low, Medium or in between. I came to the same conclusion you did that is was a resistor and after a little googling came up with a part. It's the blower motor resistor. Even better, it's easy to get to, simple to replace, and cheap ($25 at a local auto parts store).

    The blower motor resistor (on my 2000 Solara....I think the 2001 is the same generation) is located underneath the passenger dashboard near the floor. Here's what to do:

    1: Get so you can see the bottom of the glovebox (being limber helps here...if you're not flexible drink a beer or two first). There is a plastic panel between the bottom of the glovebox and the front of the car. Remove this by just prying it out.

    2: On the right hand side you'll see the blower motor (big, black, and circular). On the left hand side, near the "corner" of this space you'll see a group of wires running to a small black part (about 1"x3") that is help in by two Phillips screws. This is the blower motor resistor. (See picture below)

    3: Carefully take out the screws (I put a cloth behind it so it wouldn't drop), then use a small flathead screwdriver (on the bottom of the unit by the numbers/letters) to separate from the plug.

    4: Insert the new resistor and test the fan.

    5: Success? Reassemble, drink beer(s).
    Failure? Just drink.

    Good luck!


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    Thanks for taking the time to post this. I have a 2000 Solara Convertible LE and had the same problem with my HVAC fan - high or nothing. I was able to remove the blower motor resistor without removing the panel under the glove compartment (I suppose that this could be different for the convertibles than the regular model but why would it be?)

    For anyone reading this after I wrote it, the best picture I found of the area is this one.

    Anyway, it was screwed in with two phillips-head screws (who's brilliant idea was that? A hex-head screw/bolt would have made so much more sense) which I was able to remove with a stubby screwdriver and a bit of swearing. My local dealership had a new resistor (part 87138-33060, "72F Resistor", in my case for the manual hvac system) for $25.18. I replaced the screws with hex-heads to make it easier in case I have to do it again (though since the first one lasted 11 years and ~210,000 miles, I can't imagine it happening again).

    I ended up leaning (hard and long) on my right shoulder to get my right arm into the space. The shoulder is a bit sore but the fan operates on all speeds. Thanks again!
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    When I push the "button" for a/c, nothing happens. Dealer tells me they just don't change the switch,they change the entire board that the swich is on, which cost over 600 dollars plus 65 dollars labor. Does anyone have a better idea!! Neal
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    I have a 2001 Solara V6 SLE w/ 255,000km - just recently, the heater is only producing hot air when the temperature is set to MAX.
    Anything from 18degrees to 31.5degrees produces cold air.
    Any help or ideas of where I should start troubleshooting would be great! thx.
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