Lincoln LS Rough Idling and codes

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I'm trying to figure out why my Lincoln lS V8 is idling so rough, I was driving it today and the check engine light starting blinking, I was about 5 min. from home so I drove it home and had a friend come over and read the codes. The codes P0136 " Circuit Fault" P1000 "System check incomplete" P1131 "Sensor indicates Lean" P1137 "System indicates lean" and finally "Injection 1 and 3 fault" From what I have read because of the two Injection faults that can cause the codes for "Sensors Indicating Lean" to go on. The computer did not show misfires, just showed faults for 1 and 3. What could this be? how would I go about to looking for the problem. Thanks in advance.


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    I don't know specifics about codes, but I have a 6 cylinder LS that was experiencing the same symptoms as your car. I took it to my mechanic and he said two of the six ignition coils were bad. My car is a 2005 with 52,000 miles on it. This is not the first time I have had these symptoms with this car, in fact I think it is the fourth time at least (first time outside of warranty). Each time I have been told it is something different, and each time the check engine light returns in about a month or two, along with the rough ride. Also, and I don't know if its my imagination or not, the problems always seem to crop up after a day or two of rain.
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    I thoughti figured out the problem I went through all the wiring and found that the fuel injector one and three were not plugged in, that would explain the faults that were coming up, but the car still idles rough. I changed both valve cover gaskets, all the spark plugs but have not yet gotten to the COP's the car is not showing misfiring so I am not to sure what to do now...
  • dverenichdverenich Member Posts: 3
    Checked again today through a scan tool... 3, and 5 are misfiring. Still not sure what
    P1131 Indicates Lean means though...
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    That's the O2 sensor which is probably caused by the misfires. Replace the COPS, reset the codes and see if they come back.
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    Here is some code info from my account for my 2004 Lincoln LS that gives some repair suggestions.
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    03 Lincoln LS - Have had Bank 2 Catalytic Converter replaced about 9 months ago. 2 days later Check engine light back on, then was told that needed new PCM, replaced PCM. Check engine light back on few days later, was told 6 coils was out. Then replaced Coils, 1 month later check engine light back on drove it with it on the car went in shut down safety mode...then was told need to replace Catalytic Converter Bank 2, they reset took to another mechanic did not replace. Was told that Transmission Fuse blowed was replaced. 2 days later check engine light back on was told Intake Runner control, was supposely rebuilt ??? not sure how this could have been done, then few days later check engine light on the Intake Runner Control was then replaced, now 2 days later check engine light back on took back to mechanic that replace Runner control... took back to mechanic and now a different code P0430. Took to another mechanic, to check - Bank 2 Sensor. Was told No sensor problem. Receiving Code DTC PO 430 Bank 2 o2 Sensor and DTC 660 intake manifold tuning valve malfunction. Does anyone know what these codes mean? Any suggestions on the real problem.
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    You need a new mechanic (preferably a Lincoln dealer - they've seen these problems before and should be able to diagnose it better). Sounds like your initial problem was the coils which could have damaged the cats if you drove it with the light on for very long. The rest is probably collateral damage caused by the mechanic trying to fix the other problems.
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    After reading Rut1's comments, I joined this board to add in. Recently my "check Advancetrac" warning and ABS light came on. They go on and off periodically. Yesterday, the "ETC engine failsafe mode" warning came on, and put my 2004 Lincoln LS VS Sport into a limp mode (also see or-9646.aspx). I took it to a Fod/Lincoln dealer who ran a diagnostic. They told me they had to special order a "Throttle Body", and it would cost $900 parts and labor. I am holding off for now because all lights have gone off, and I'd love to hear your thoughts first before I get caught replacing 5 different things over the next 6 months, and dropping thousands. Also, interestingly as Rut1 said, this seems to have happened after heavy rains recently. I felt fluid dripping on my left foot driving after going through heavy rain recently, and there was also water in my trunk (right up front on the left side). Anyone else seeing this? Could the rains have caused a sensor malfunction? I've never seen the ETC warning before, and once I pulled over and restarted the car, everything has been fine since.
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    The ABS/AdvanceTrac warning is a bad sensor. It could have been a temporary problem caused by the rain, but that's pretty normal on all vehicles.

    The ETC failsafe mode could easily be caused by an electrical problem and could be moisture related. If it doesn't reoccur I wouldn't worry about it.
  • jtw72jtw72 Member Posts: 4
    Thanks Akirby! I appreciate the reply. That is what my plan was before I spent the dough.
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    I have a 2000 Lincoln LS.It has been running great.Then the other day I started it up and it started idling very rough(my whole car was shaking).When I am driving it,it runs very smooth like always.But when I am stopped at a light it feels like my car is going to die.Please help !!!!!Also there is no engine light coming on.
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    Had a rough idle, misfire episode on my 2004 LS last week (88K miles). Check engine light went on and I limped back home then took it to a dealer. They said it was #3 coil problem and it was going to be $300. Fortunately, I had my letter from Lincoln and claimed the coil was covered under a program. The regular service guy said no but I appealed to the Service Mgr. He re-read the service notice and then agreed with me. I picked up the car and didn't really drive it until Saturday. My son said it was running a little rough but no engine light. On Saturday night I was on a major highway under construction and accelerated to pass someone. The engine shut down and gave me the ETC Engine Fail Safe Mode notice was given. I coasted for about 30 second with the flashers on and traffic quickly approaching my backside. I put the car in neutral, turn the key towards off then re-started the engine. I put it in gear and it took off. The construction zone only had concrete barriers with no place to turn off so fortunately this process worked. It dropped again when I attempted to accelerate hard again on a side road on my way home. ETC Engine Fail Safe mode light again.

    I found this thread on Sunday. I ran it up to AutoZone to have them check the codes. They found a P2104 and P2112 code.

    I took it to the dealer on Monday and they replaced the #5 coil, this time they already knew it was covered under the program. I spoke with the service manager and talked about this may be a challenging problem based on my research. He recognized that once one coil goes it might there is a tendency for more of them to go but he could not replace them all and get it covered. At least they didn't say it was the throttle problem (which isn't covered under a program).

    I guess now I have to wait and see what else goes wrong and how long in between. I ask what codes the dealer found but they never have them available when I pickup the car. I'll keep checking this thread and post any updates...
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    I bought a Lincoln LS 2002. It had 60,000 miles on it. I drove it about 1000 miles and it started to misfire at idle. I kept driving it for a while and the misfire got worse. It got so bad that the car didn't want to shift, it kept hesitating instead of shifting into high gear. It wasn't fun to drive anymore and I decided to get it fixed. The dealer wanted an outrageous amount of money to do this. I met a guy who was a laid off certified FORD mechanic. He had worked on the Lincoln LS alot and said they had cronic coil problems. I hired him to fix my car. He had a code reader and said #4 and #6 had a problem. We took the coil covers off and pulled the coils and spark plugs. Many of them were drenched with oil. The plugs sit way down in a hole in the middle of the valve covers. Those holes were filled with oil ...........ah we have come to the problem.......a faulty seal between the valve cover and the cylinder head. Turns out the valve covers are made out of plastic (composite). Gee do ya think maybe that has something to do with why they failed. There is an O ring like seal around each spark hole but the plastic valve cover does not exert enough pressure around the plugs to make a dependable seal. Lincoln needs to make a metal valve cover replacement. I don't trust this car on a long trip!!! By the way the valve cover gaskets can only be bought at the dealer $60.00 each - thats $120.00 - WHAT A RIP-OFF. The dealer wants $80.00 each for the coils but you can buy them for $50.00 at the auto parts store. I hate to say this but I might be buying a Honda or Toyota next! PLACTIC VALVE COVERS ON A $40,000.00 CAR!@#$%&(*)
  • akirbyakirby Member Posts: 8,062
    The problem was the gasket, not the valve covers. Once repaired they don't leak again (if the new gasket is used).
  • pipsqueekpipsqueek Member Posts: 3
    Well the new gaskets are installed - will see how long they last. I still don't trust plastic (composite) valve covers. Alot of manufacturers use cast aluminum valve covers or at least metal, especially when the spark plug is in the middle of the cover. By the way my LS is a 2000 V8 3.9 liter. Do you own a LS or just work on them?
  • akirbyakirby Member Posts: 8,062
    I bought one in October 99 and kept it 6 years. I also belong to a club of LS owners.
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    What is this letter that you got from Lincoln? My 2004 LS just had to have a coil replaced and now it looks like maybe I shouldn't have had to pay for it. Please let me know because we are now starting to experience more problems with it.
  • pipsqueekpipsqueek Member Posts: 3
    Your coils are getting soaked with oil because they are located in the center of the plastic valve cover. This plastic (composite) valve cover has o-ring type seals around each spark plug hole - this hole fills with oil because the plastic heats up and does not exert enough pressure to maintain the proper seal !! FORD HAS A BETTER IDEA. I think that was their slogan - what a joke. There needs to be a cast aluminum valve cover like the Japan made cars. I like the car but I can't trust it on long trips because of this engineering flaw !!!!!!!!!
  • akirbyakirby Member Posts: 8,062
    The problem is the gasket, not the valve covers. Replacing with a new gasket fixes the problem permanently. Has nothing to do with the valve covers themselves.
  • toomanyfumestoomanyfumes S.E. Wisconsin Member Posts: 1,019
    On the 2004 there might not be a valve cover gasket leak. I think by then they used a different gasket that lasts longer. Sometime the coils will just fail.
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    Replace the spark plugs and seals and to be super safe might as well replace the COP as well. That way the you wont have problems for another 50+ thousands miles without problems. I had the same problem with my car every time it rained. If you do not then the catalytic converters may get damaged...Dont risk it.
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    This seems to be a case of "process elimination": they dont know WTF is wrong withe car, but start changing parts and HOPE it fixes the problem, if not then keep replacing parts until it does fix the problem...the nightmare of all modern computerized vehicles. All this technology available and mechanics still cant pinpoint wtf is wrong with a car. Now I bet you try to do the same for an airliner and the problem is pinpointed in minutes with the same technology.
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    i have a 2004 ls with the same problems you had, you mention a letter from lincoln? what is this letter and who do i contact to get this program?
  • esalazaresalazar Member Posts: 21
    Hi, I got a letter from ford/lincoln. Providing extended warranty coverage under customer satisfaction programs 07m07 and 07n09. Extending the warranty of ignition coil to a total of 10 years. If thats the 1 your asking about. Check under them programs for more details. ;)
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    the "plastic" valve covers don't warp if installed correctly,they are made of carbon fiber reinforced resin ,yes a type of plastic but not realy.EVERY car with plugs going into the valve covers leak regardless of the material used to make them .the 'plastic' is used on the intake ,cooling system,valve covers and a bunch of stuff you will never know about in the car .the reason for this is because it has better noise damping ,more consistent temperature control ,it is lighter and yes it is cheaper to manufacture which means you spend less on the car.the use of 'plastics' on cars saves a butt load of fuel every year just through the weight savings.
    ford was not the first to use plug through head design (not even the infamous HEMI of yesteryear was the first ,but they leaked to!) the dodge 2.4 has an aluminum valve cover and they leak like a sieve because aluminum expands and contracts at an unbelievable rate where as 'plastic' does not.hondas are notorious for this to.
    your car with the 3.9 isn't even realy a ford ,it's a jaguar and anyone that knows cars knows jags are money sucking cars that rarely ,if ever, run proper ,your blaming the wrong company.
    i guess if you don't like fords 'better idea' then go buy a Cadillac cts (same class of car) or a 300m and you can experience REAL problems and you will look back at how cheap to maintain and repair your ls was (caddy cts 3.6 40k miles ,timing replacement after they changed oil and used conventional oil instead of full synthetic....$3.500)
    the trick to owning any luxo car (cept for the old Lincoln town car) is the same as owning a 2 so you got one to drive while the other is in the shop!luxo cars are only good for about the same time as there warrantee then they start to degrade fast,people who buy these cars new trade them in every year or two so why bother with longevity?ALL car manufacturers do the same, even imports.
    if you want durability and cheap repair bills buy a taurus,you bought a high dollar status symbol for a car get used to paying to keep it up.
  • esalazaresalazar Member Posts: 21
    Your post makes a lot of sense. I have a 04 Lincoln LS, and a 99 Ford Taurus. In my case the way I see it. You are right, I have had my Taurus for 10 years this December 2012. Rides like a champ. Now as for my Lincoln, which I have had since Jan. 2008. A whole different story.
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