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Rendezvous blower quit

racedad21racedad21 Posts: 12
edited May 2014 in Buick
My wife's '02 Rendezvous blower motor just stopped working while driving. I pulled the blower and bench tested it and it worked fine. I pulled the resistor and tested it with a multimeter and it seems to be working. All the fuses look good. I have power at the blower plug...but it will not work.

I'm stumped.

What else can I look at? Could it be my dash unit itself?

Please if you me out. Thanks.


  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,588
    Yes, it could be the HVAC cluster. It looks mechanical but is really electronic. Befor you pull it try whacking at it a bit with your hand to see if its a connection problem
  • racedad21racedad21 Posts: 12
    Problem fixed. Had to fix the module board. Cost $0.00 nice. Thanks for the reply rav80. I appreciate it.
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