Cost for an Acura MDX oil change and tire rotation?

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Hi I am new to this board. I am thinking of buying a MDX and the dealer let me choose from 5 times of oil change + 4 times of tire rotation, or $300 discount, What would be the true cost for oil change and tire rotation?


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    If you use the $300 discount to reduce the size of your loan (assuming you're borrowing) that could net you an additional $50 to $60 in overall interest payments over the term of your loan. (8% apr over 60 months, e.g.)

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    The oil changes and tire rotations are only part of the cost. When you are in for service there are engine air filters and inspections plus dealer recommended services that can get very pricy.You have to limit them to what is required in the manual. Ask for all maintenance to be included other than parts. 4 Tire rotations @$20 -- $80. 5 oil changes @ $44 = the rest. How often does the oil need changed? Check out the cost to maintain on edmunds -- you might want to get a ford. :)
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    There are many dealer offer one years free oil change w/ purchase promotion.last month.
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    Acura has a longer time interval for the first oil change, which for me was at ~7,000 miles. Most dealers will charge around $20 for tire rotation and around $30-35 for oil changes.

    Now it's been 6 months and 5,000+ miles since the oil change and I have 15% oil life left.
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    I get my '07 oil changed at Quicky Lube, Mobil 1 and tire rotation= $90. :)
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    I have changed the oil and rotated the tires twice in 13,500 miles and 13 months of driving. The dealers here charge $20 or so for the tire rotation and $40 for the oil change.

    I'd take the $300.
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