Ford Edge Blind Spot

gblammogblammo Member Posts: 1
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I test drove a 2009 Edge today and found the blind spot created by the A-pillar on the left to be quite annoying. The vehicle is otherwise perfect for my needs, but I am concerned that this may be a continual annoyance. Has anyone else here found this to be a problem? Does it just take some getting use to? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.


  • cmarcuscmarcus Member Posts: 17
    It's the curse of a very raked-back A pillar. Drive something with a more upright pillar to see the difference. Try a Ford Flex - very nice vehicle. The farther away from your eyes and the more upright the A pillar, the easier it is to see around.
  • daponedapone Member Posts: 1
    I haven't found that pillar to be too much of a problem since the side view mirrors are so wide.

    I have however found that those wide side view mirrors hinder my vision of the front driver side of the vehicle. For instance, if I'm making a left turn across traffic, I cannot see how close I am to the median or curb.
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