Power Steering Failure

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Have anyone had a power steering failure? I purchased a 2007 Buick Lacrosse with 13000 miles on it and I have 69000 on it now. I always had it serviced in a timely manner but I started hearing a whining sound in steering.
The power steering fluid was slowly leaking out of the car. When it was checked by my mechanic he found it leaking from around the pump hose. The pump and hose had to be changed out. GM says this was not a fault from the manufacturer.
I do not want another GM car, ever. I am through with American made cars.


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    This problem occurred with me on my 2006 LaCross, the fluid was pouring from the pump and when I took it in to the dealer they had to replace hoses and retaining nut. This fixed the problem until a week or two ago when the same thing happen I am waiting for the results from GM whether it is the same problem or not. :confuse:
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    I too have had this problem. So far all I had to do was add power steering fluid, but it is good to know where it is loosing it.
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    I learned where I was loosing fluid from. The pump had a bad connection and it progressive got worse and it ended in a pump failure. My car is only 2 years old and I am in the process of getting rid of it. I no longer trust it or GM. Good luck to you.
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    So for my 2007 Buick CXS has had power steering failure 3X. Sep 08, May 09, Aug 09. Each time was either HP hose, brass fitting to pump or both. Service mgr now looking into it to see if he can learn why my car is having this problem. No results to date.
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    Except for the peeps with multiple occurrences.

    You lose a PS hose and you whine like a little girl? Go ahead and sell it then. When you start blowin motors and grinding up tranny's then you will have something to really moan about.

    OH, and thanks for the follow-up. You come on here to whine for sympathy and don't share afterwards. It is expected that you share your results after you come in here sulking. How old are you girls anyway?

    Once again, to the peeps with multiple occurrences my condolences.
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    This thread was not about trannys and engines. Would you be happier if it was the transmission cooling hose that failed on yours?
    There should be a reasonable expectation that this hose last over 200K. Many worn out vehicles made it to the junk yard with never having to replace a PS hose. This happening to a new vehicle? Someone needs taking to the woodshed.
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    I have a 2007 CXL at 58000 miles I started to get a whine and suspected it was the power steering. Never leaked any fluid. Took it in to dealer service dept and it cost me $840 to repare it!! I complained about the ride for 3 years and was told there was nothing wrong with the car. Since power steering was replaced the ride improved 100%. Was this unit bad from the day I purchased it. I've purchased my first Buick in 1967 and have never had to paid for a repair to any of my Buicks before this one except standard maintenance. This is by far the worse Buick I ever owned and will be the last one I buy. Will purchase a new auto next year and I can't find a GM auto that I like, so I will leave GM.
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    How is the power steering effecting ride?
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    I don't have any idea. The only thing I can tell U. I put 4 different sets of tires on my Lacross trying to get a good ride, the last being Michelins which helped somewhat. However after the power steering was repaired the ride improved, maybe the front end alignment that came with the repair had something to do with it. I'm not a mechanic just an old guy that thinks GM has messed up the Buick name trying to attract the younger generation. I and a number of my buick friends are looking elswhere!!!
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    I notice you are driving a 2007, which sits on the old "W" body. Have you even looked at the new (2010+) version?? Completely dirrerent. I have a 2010 CXS, and it's the best Buick I've owned, and I've had several (3 new )since 1984.
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    I am unfamiliar with that suspension. Do you know how the camber and castor are adjusted on it?
    I had 09 Malibu that handled very badly and a second problem related to EPS. GM buyback and the lady who bought it tracked it to me somehow. She thinks it handles badly. So it still stumps the mechanics. I had independants check alignment and look it over and they found nothing. But I did learn it had no adjustment for castor and that shop told me that to adjust it is a practice to loosen the subframe/cradle and shift it slightly and re-tighten. I had noted that the forward rubber mount doughnuts appeared different left to right. That is one side appeared to be more forward than the other which would mean the amount of rubber was not equally distributed around the bolt and mounting surface. That would equate to different resilient actions depending upon the angle that the force was applied. Also the rotating mass of engine and transmission would have a gyroscopic action. And if not exactly at right angles to where the vehicle is when going straight, it could have an influence.
    With the cost of that repair, I strongly suspect that your vehicle is one that requires dropping the cradle to remove the rack and pinion. And they shifted the cradle to a better/straighter position, without intent. Then aligned.
    This is just theory, but feel it would have been something worth checking on that Malibu, afterall they were out of ideas.
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    I would like to say this is best I've ever owned, but having difficulties at this point. Maybe once all the kinks are gone, and the technology has changed a lot over the years making it harder to compare today with 10 or 20 years ago. Or even more. My first was a 62 Buick Skylark convertible, used. It was one of GM early attempt at aluminum. My sister had Olds F85 with same engine. Around 60K engines were bad. My second Buick was 74 Lasabre and learned a bit late it was poorly maintained. Quaker State and bad cooling sytem resulting in cracked head. I've had plenty of other bad vehicles. It would seem they could eventually get all the kinks worked out. One of better vehicles was 73 Mazda RX2, rotary. It was powerful and terrible on gas. Only maintenance other than routine was an exhaust pipe and supports. But routine was high for spark plugs and points, fortunately easy to do. Another that was very good was 84 Mercury Topaz Diesel. The powertrain was Mazda. Other than a Ford wide issue of leaking Freon, it was good, and dealer issues too. I did eventually have to add an alignment kit and may still have the vehicle if it had not been for idiot mechanics that put timing belt on one tooth, 10 degrees late. It was definitely a MPG champ. 36MPG local and 48MPG highway. Not peppy and it rode like a much heavier car. Maybe because of the extra 400 # in the diesel version.
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    Yes I've looked at the new ones. I haven't drove one as yet, however I'll check a few other brands first. Like I said above this is the first Buick I've had any problems with and I've been driving Buicks since 1967. I blame this problem on GM as they are trying to attract the younger generation, and kissing off the older generation!!
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    I suggest U go to 2011 Lacross in this format. I don't see any one complimenting buick for the 2011 lacross CXS!! In fact after reading this section, I definately will not buy another Buick!!
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