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MB R500 AMG Package Continental Tires

majesterludimajesterludi Posts: 8
edited May 2014 in Mercedes-Benz
My MB R500 has the AMG sport package with AMG wheels and Continental Tires. I drive approximately 15 to 20 Miles per day. My tires are wearing poorly. After 14K miles they look like they need to be replaced. Is anyone else having this problem. How about replacement tires? Which brand would someone recommend.


  • ctdanctdan Posts: 34
    I had the same problem with my R350. After 15,700 miles all 4 Continental Contact 4x4 tires needed to be replaced. Local MB dealer quoted me $1400 to replace with same tire. When I asked if 15k was abut all I should expect from these tires the response was yes, this was about normal since the care is driven primarily around town as opposed to hwy miles.

    I thought that was completely unacceptable and went to TownFair Tire (tire chain store in North East) and replaced with 4 Toyo Open Country HT's, a premium all season tire that come with 40k mile guarantee plus TownFair's free flat repair, tire rotations, etc. all for under $1,000 incl tax. I was told at TownFair that MB has a sweetheart deal with Continental so when the tires needs to be replaced the aftermarket cost is very high even though they are not considered a "premium" tire.

    So far very happy with the Toyo's and as long as I maintain with rotation every 5k miles I have the security of the 40k mile guarantee.
  • Thanks for the quick feedback. I guess I am not surprised! I was looking at a set of Michelin tires, but, to your point, the price is nearly $1300 with tax and installation. So, I will look for a set of Toyo's. Thanks.
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