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Subaru B9 Tribeca Paint Gold Paint Problems

tribeca_06tribeca_06 Posts: 31
Ok so i have a 2006 Subaru B9 Tribeca and i love it, great car..but my problem is witth my exterior color. The color is champagne gold and it seems that the color is faded or has some strange color marks. These marks are lighter then the gold color, what could this be? Im thinking sun damage or maybe the paint is just screwed up?


  • kan3kan3 Posts: 3
    I have the same car with the same problem. It's call "ghosting" and is an issue with the paint. I've gone back to my dealership and they are going to remove the clearcoat, buff out the paint and re-clearcoat. Hopefully that fixes the problem.
  • jerrys2jerrys2 Western massachusettsPosts: 189
    Have no been on the board for awhile. after seeing your messages, I checked my paint ... I have the same problem. I have had the Tribecca for 49 months, 42k love it.
    Will dealer repair even though it is out of warantee
  • Got in a big beef with the dealer today-essentially Subaru will cover half the cost of repainting (which is BS) I am in sales so put up big mileage-I had 84K when I brought it to their attention. Said that beacuse the car is out of warranty (due to mileage not age) thats all they are willing to do. I pointed out that the mileage had nothing to do with the paint-there was a flaw in the painting process and that it should be treated like a recall. He is supposed to be sending me an email with their offer in wrtitng-its taken me 5 months to get this far so dont hold your breadth!
  • wow yeah so we calll got the same problem..i did some research..and all of you should join for great Tribeca issues and fans and what not, great site ! ok so back to paint, yeah im out of warranty too and have not gone to dealer they will only pay half..thats really screwed up, im planning to go to my dealer at the end of this month, well i might have some yelling and scene making to do then ;)
  • In fairness the dealer I brought it to is not the one I bought it from-I moved from CT to MA. I first brought my car in for them to look at it on 03/31, and have being going around and around ever since.

    Its not like an insurance claim-they wont cut me a check for half the cost and leave it up to me to do it.They will only pay the body shop once its completed

    I am contemplating parking my car beside the dealership with a huge sign...

    Anyone have any other ideas?
  • 3beca3beca Posts: 3
    Just bought an '06 B9 Tribeca that has gold paint issues. The vehicle is beyond the 36 month warranty but still under 36K ... discovered the link below that includes a recommendation to SOA from the New England Subaru Dealer's Association that SOA address gold paint defect even if Tribeca is out of warranty (not sure of SOA's response)... see

    I would also send letter to SOA if dealer/SOA persists on paying only half (SOA has already accounted for this issue in its warranty reserves, so there should be no $$$ pain to SOA let alone the dealer). And, you are right ... the paint issue has nothing to do with the mileage.

    In my case (I am a new Subaru owner), I spoke to my new Subaru dealer re servicing issues and brought up the issue about the gold paint issue. The dealer immediately agreed to re-paint the car and provide me with a rental while it was being done (all at no cost to me).
  • Whitey14, i heard in some forums that its better if you go to the dealer you got it from, since you could call them?

    hahah that would be funny, for you sign.." Subaru Defective Paint Job"...make sure lol dealership is crowded with buyers ahha
  • are soooo lucky, what dealer/where ya from?
    thanks for that document ! I have yet to go to the dealer..but im learning alot of information on this..see paying half is a real pain in the wallet b/c its a $4,000 job so i have to pay $2,000? thats BULL. we shouldnt have to pay that..but i heard some dealers ( i guess like yous) are being very kind about it.
  • would you mind reposting the link-its not opening for me

  • 3beca3beca Posts: 3

    Also, Google: "ndab" "subaru"

    This should take you to the document as well.
  • jerrys2jerrys2 Western massachusettsPosts: 189
    What dealer did you go to in Massachusetts?
  • did you get urs repainted?
  • 3beca3beca Posts: 3
    Dealer will get it in 2 weeks.
  • ohh you talked to your dealer about the problem or just going in 2 weeks, im going to my dealer in about 2 weeks, to get this done
  • jerrys2jerrys2 Western massachusettsPosts: 189
    After discussing with Service Rep dealer said Subaru would pay half , I indicatred I was not happy with this ... Tribeca is my 4th Subaru. Service Mgr. at dealer called back next day and said they would cover the entire cost.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Cool, let us know how it turns out.
  • good job, yet to go get mine done but i will play the loyal owner no more stories when i do go, and show anger as well, keep us posted!!!!!!!!!!!
  • jerrys2jerrys2 Western massachusettsPosts: 189
    Hello Juice! Don't have a date to drop it off yet, paint shop is busy. I'll let you know how it comes out. I am in no hurry, the important thing is they agreed to do it. Do you know if this problem is unique to the Tribeca? Glad to find you are still active on the board. Jerry
  • kan3kan3 Posts: 3
    Haven't been on the board in awhile, I was the one who identified the problem as "ghosting". Anyway, thanks to whoever refered me to Subaru of America. I contacted them and they are taking care of the entire cost. I had to take my car to the local dealer, who took pictures and sent to SOA. My garage is billing directly to SOA. My car is out of warrently (3.5 years old), but only has 17,000. miles. My car is in the garage now, it's taking 2 weeks to complete. Everything had to be stripped (handles, interior of doors, bumpers, etc. They are repainting/re-clear coating the entire car (except for bumpers. Supposedly this won't happen to them given they are plastic).
  • Jerry- Keep me posted!!!
    Kan- thatts great, my B9 is at 58,00 i have to go to my dealer still to show the problem but i have talked to many people who have done and such even with being out of warranty, so all this is great back up, and wow i cant belive the stripped it like that, keep me posted!!
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Don't rush them, in fact make sure they take their time, let that new paint bake properly.

    kan3: may have been me, but who cares, the important thing is SoA stepped up. Glad to hear it.
  • yea lucky they responded
    Ateixeira..was urs repainted??
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    No, we have a Forester, it's been fine.

    I've had other cars painted (Miata) and the job wasn't very thorough. They damaged some trim and forgot to replace a wheel hub that was scratched.

    I calmly spoke to the supervisor, asked for a replacement trim piece (they tried to epoxy it back together), and the wheel hub cover, and told them to take their time.

    When body shops rush the results show it.
  • ohh, was there a a bad paint job on your mazda like the Tribeca b/c of the company or just age? Yea gotta be careful with auto shops
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    That poor car...

    Being so small it was hit 3 or 4 different times. I had so many repainted panels that there were 5 shades of white on her.

    The body shops that rushed would break trim pieces and forget things. One forgot a bolt that you could see in the door jamb, obvious stuff.

    I just learned never to rush a body shop, in fact tell them to take their time and dot all the i's, cross all the t's.
  • ohh wow. yea oyu gotta pick a good shop and make sure they take their time...hows your car now?
  • aaykayaaykay Posts: 539
    The problem with re-painting the body is that when it comes time to sell/trade it, the purchaser will assume there was body work done on the car. The value will degrade with the paint job, IMHO.

    Of course if you decide to keep it till the wheels fall off, then it does not matter anyway.
  • yeah true you would have to tell the buyer about it i guess but you can tell them the hole story with all the backup information i got about this whole thing, but i just want it down b/c i cant stand the swirls and white marks.
  • aaykayaaykay Posts: 539
    That depends on who the buyer is but a body re-painting *will* reduce the value of your vehicle. Even if you show them the backup information, it will still not prove that there was other work done on it and this was used to cover it up.

    Bottomline, in the used car market, people are VERY leery and even a hint of a problem will cause them to either low-ball for a significant discount or just walk away to an example which does not have such a history.

    Also, a body repainting, however well or expertly done, can be detected by people experienced in such things, in 2 seconds. I personally was amazed when the people at a dealership detected a small re-painting on some body panels on a car I sold over 10 years back, even though the work was professionally done and the car bought back to the pre-accident status (I personally could not detect the re-painting, even though I knew the precise location of where it was done).
  • true, true. I plan on keeping the car long anyway and when i do sell it will prob have other problems then new paint. I cant stand the way it looks now and so it has to be done so if i get Subaru to pay for the damage with little hassle has then that woudld be amazing! By the way, did you have yours done, or?
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