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Ford Focus ZX3

mznmzn Posts: 727
We keep talking and talking and talking about the
Ford Focus! Please, join the conversation. First,
take a look at guyindasky's post in the previous
Focus topic
and help this former lurker make a
decision. Thanks!



  • cobiecobie Posts: 108
    The lack of amber turn signal lenses on N. American Foci was discussed in the past but I thought this interesting....
    While looking through a yr.2000 brochure for the focus at my local ford dealer I noticed that the zx3 is shown w/ amber rear turn signal lenses but it has a N. American front bumper assembly. Crazy, eh?
  • What's going on with the Focus Club??
  • Hi. I'm really starting to enjoy the new car. I'm wondering...would some of you who drive the 5 speeds give me an idea of how high you will let the revs get before shifting when your looking for high exceleration? I'm assuming that under normal driving conditions about 2800 rpm would be the place to upshift. Does this make sense to most of you? Thanks
  • 2800 RPM? Hello, you should have gotten an automatic! The Zetec is not designed for Honda-like high RPMs, but shifting at 2800 is silly. Peak torque is developed between 4500-5000 RPM, so revving the engine to 4000 or so before shifting to the next higher gear will give you some decent performance.
  • Silver Bullet, I understand that it would be silly to shift at approx. 2800 if one wanted speed, but doesn't shifting at this rpm give one maximum gas mileage? If you look in the Focus manual 2800 represents more or less the rpms that match the suggested upshift speeds in each gear.
  • zgrrrlzgrrrl Posts: 147
    During the experimentation with the other "look" of this forum, I made a post asking some questions about Trans VS Automatic - That post is now gone - is it because I said I didn't like the new look - and you don't want to make mention of it?

    Oh Wellllll....

    Speaking of RPM's...I was on a 2 lane road coming home from work Friday - tried to drop from 5th to 4th so I could pass the very slow moving car ahead of me and -

    I hit 2nd gear instead. I feel sick thinking about watching the tach hit 7000 rpms for that brief second.

    I know I wasn't doing my car any favors - but how bad ....
  • If you shift based on the upshift indicator, you might conceivably obtain the best gas mileage - but you'll likely get run over by all the angry drivers bottled up behind you :) Several years ago, BMW conducted a study that proved maximum fuel economy resulted from accelerating briskly up to the point of maximum torque, then upshifting, getting into high gear as soon as possible. Real world road conditions rarely allow you to drive in the most fuel efficient manner - sometimes you have to "go with the flow".

    Zgrrrl - Ouch. Hopefully the rev limiter kicked in and prevented valve damage, but an overrev from a missed downshift often results in valves contacting pistons. Is your car running normally? Sound okay, and idle smoothly? If yes, you were lucky.
  • zgrrrlzgrrrl Posts: 147
    it seems to be okay - but it didn't sound a little different today when idling (it happened Friday) Nothing bad, just a wee tiny tad bit more "noisy" altho I hesitate to use the word noisey. It just sounded different. I thought it was the cold weather.

    What should I be looking/listening for?
  • ... has been conquered by impatience. I'll admit it: I have tried and failed to change my clock back from daylight savings time.

    According to the manual, I just press and hold the "CLK" button until a message appears indicating time set mode (I forget the exact wording), then press "SEEK" while continuing to press "CLK". These simple instructions haven't worked for me; here's what actually happens:

    Scenario 1: Radio/CD Off
    I press and hold CLK. And hold. And hold for 30 + seconds. The display doesn't change. I press SEEK anyway. Nothing happens.

    Scenario 2: CD On
    I press and hold CLK. No mode message appears, but the hour starts to flash. While continuing to hold CLK, I press SEEK. The CD skips a track, but the hour stops flashing and nothing else changes.

    Can anyone tell from the above what I'm doing wrong?
  • fdannafdanna Posts: 263
    You know I keep looking at pictures of the North American focus thinking "somthing is just not right." Then I noticed that ford has been mixing Euro model pictures with the NA model pictures and I've just noticed that the bumpers on the euro model are shorter which give the car a snubbier apearance! It's cuter actually. I wonder if they had to do that to comply with US laws.
  • 1. Turn on the RADIO
    2. Press CLOCK and hold
    3. Turn volume knob to change time
  • If you zinged the valves from and overrev and the engine still starts and runs okay, you may have been lucky. What happens in an overrev situation with an engine that has what's known as an "interference design" is the pistons hit the valves, usually resulting in bent valves and/or damaged pistons. Lots of LOUD valve clatter when this happens, assuming the engine runs at all.
  • fgaydosfgaydos Posts: 319
    I mentioned I was having my gas gauge acting up after I fill up. It would not register right for about a day after. I mentioned to my dealer and he asked if I had the key in the ignition when I filled up. Yes I said. Take the key out and try filling it . I did and it worked OK. I only tried it once so I don't have a trend yet.
  • Ya know, the one time it happened to me, I think I left the key in the ignition. Been a long time since that happened, so I can't be sure. But I do think I left it in that time. Thanks fgaydos!

  • ottosottos Posts: 80
    fdanna: yes longer bumpers are for US gov't.

    Maybe the zetec is an inteference engine. if so, then i you should will be ok, because the valves can stick out when the piston comes up, and the two won't touch. if not, then maybe there is a safety margin past redline (what is redline anyway? 6000?).

    When going from 5th to 4th, zgrrl, just pull down. You don't have to guide the shifter. Let the springs guide the shifter to 4th. The same goes for shifting from 2nd to 3rd. The only shifts that require some guidance are from 1st to 2nd, 3rd to 2nd, and of course to reverse. I just wanted to say that because I often see people guiding the shifter with more deliberation that necessary.

    So how is the car? Is it fast enough for you guys? I am considering buying one, being on the A-plan and all, but I don't know for sure. If it do 0-60 in 7.8s according to some magazine that I forgot, then I will think some more.
  • zx3beastzx3beast Posts: 661
    has anyone else been noticing a clicking sound when turning wheels
    left or right? seems to be coming from front-end.
  • Ok, I'm seeing fanatics all over the place trying to pound on Democrats on ALL the boards I go to... They must be despret or something, oh well...

    So has that guy been banned yet moderator carlady?
  • This is the automatic transmission that I want.
    Why we(here in the USA) always get outdated products.
    Our four speed automatic is so outdated, in Europe they don't have tradition in automatics and they are still better than we are.
    Dear Ford, please treat us like the rest of the world.
    Here in America you can sell almost anything.
    Our poor four speed automatic or old 110 hp escort engine would never sell in Europe.
    Sooner or later we all have to pay for our lazy(on average poorly educated) life style.
    Sad but true,... the saga continues.
  • cobiecobie Posts: 108
    Does anyone know if, when one opts for ABS and the premium package on the focus, if 4 wheel discs come w/ the package? tia
  • you will only get 4 wheel discs on a North American Focus ZX3 or ZTS sedan (or the street edition limited edition models) if you choose the AdvanceTrac option, which is an extra 1091/1225.
  • Although there has been some pointed disagreement about this, I believe you have to order the Advance Trac option to get 4 wheel disks - just ordering ABS won't do it.
  • cobiecobie Posts: 108
    thanks for the info, all.
  • I've been looking for aftermarket fog lights for the ZX3. I noticed the manual says the size for it was 899. what's the translation for that? h1, h2?
  • I saw my twin car with extra fog lights added. No offense, but what is the purpose of them? The car already has fog lights anyway.

    I have an astigmatism and my eyes are pretty light sensitive. I hate it when I see people running those bright white-blue foglights along with their other lights when it isn't even at all foggy. I think they are just trying to look cool, and those lights bounce around and act very strangely, In the background they can sometimes look like a cop car's blue light. Freaks me out!
  • Has anyone installed mudflaps on their car? I really think it would help and was considering putting them on. Also if you know of any company which makes a bug deflector that would be great. Please don't refer me to the aftermarket site, just tell me if there's a company or brand or whatever. Thanks for all of the help.
  • fdannafdanna Posts: 263
    My ZX3 order was placed on Friday and was wondering if anyone had experience with order times at Ford. The dealer said people usually take them off the lot...but the ones on the lot are stripped :( I got all options except the automatic and in egg yolk yellow. I'm thinking it will be in around christmas.
  • I think mine took about 81/2 or 9 weeks. I got it in the beginning of April. (don't know if they are faster or slower at different times of yr.)
  • It's not really SO hard to look in the aftermarket site, I looked and immediately found this post

    " #34 of 53: Contoured Bug Deflector (pcleveland2) Fri 07 Apr '00 (08:33 PM)

    Lund makes a smoked Bug/Stone Deflector for the
    Focus. Model # 78528, X-Terminator style.

  • Thanks, I'll go order it tonight.
  • zgrrrlzgrrrl Posts: 147
    I am with you...I HATE fog lights. And I despise people who drive around with them on all the time. I've only used mine -- in the fog of course. But to tell you the truth, I don't know what purpose they serve. Is it so I can be seen better or to actually see better?

    Regardless, used imporperly - they are annoying.

    And I DO know how to shift - it was a mishap that happens. Just wasn't paying attention.
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