'98 Lexus ES300 ABS problem??

jimcee1jimcee1 Member Posts: 1
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Has anyone experienced an open circuit in ABS pump actuator? Our '98 ES300 has only 50K miles and we wonder if it is wise to incur this costly repair.


  • wwestwwest Member Posts: 10,706
    While I would deem it unlikely at only 50k miles the motor brushes may be worn down already especially if you have had more than the normal level of ABS activations.

    This is a realtively small fractional HP 12 volt electric motor very much like your windshield wiper drive motor. Since it is being used to produce a very high level of POWER, pressurizing brake fluid to ~3000 PSI, it is highly subject to overheating. Therefore newer systems that rely on this motor for more than ABS functionality (BA/VSC/TC/etc.) will typcially have time limits controlling how long it will be allowed to operate continuously.

    ABS adds a tremendous safety factor, especially on a low traction surface.
  • jackthekidjackthekid Member Posts: 1
    We have replaced the front left & right ABS sensors and tested the rear, and the ABS still engages sporadically when stopping on dry pavement.
    This problem started when turning and stopping (like into a parking space).
    Since replacing the left front axle and cv boot the ocurrences seem more frequent.
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