Forester XT sunroof defects?

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I have a 2005 XT w/ about 43K miles that I bought new in CA. Within the first year or so of ownership, my sunroof began to have intermittent problems opening and closing. It was repaired under warranty. The problem has emerged once again, only now it's not under warranty, and my local dealer estimates that the repair will cost about $2,000. Has anyone else had problems with intermittent open/close problems?


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    My wife had an issue with her 05 Bean that thankfully was fixed just before the warranty ran out. They replaced the motor which didn't help, and finally found the problem in the track. There is a TSB that covers track problems and certain spacers for 03 to 06 models, TSB 15-134-08R. You may want to check that out to see if it can save you a few bucks.
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    Thx, bigfrank3! Do you know where I can find the service bulletin?
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    Oops! I think it's here on this site. Thx.
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    Well, didn't find it here. Did find it on Thx again!
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    You are very welcome, hope it helps. Let me know how you make out.

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