2002 explorer rear coil springs

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I have an 02 exp with 42000 miles. I have never towed or hauled anything heavy.
i got the oil changed a few weeks ago and they told me both rear coils springs were broke. Has anybody else seen this?


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    i have an '02 also,and just had the rear springs replaced at 88k because they were broken.
    there were several opportunities for that.
    the back end had a sag before i got them and the shocks replaced.
    not a cheap repair.
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  • lieutlieut Member Posts: 11
    put an assembly called quick strut on mine. parts cost approx 305.00 for both.it's a fully assemble unit with the spring already on the strut from monroe. found them on strutmasters.com.
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    hi, yes, i had the same thing. apparently its a common thing in 02s. had the trans rebuilt, and the springs replaced this last summer. both sides had cracks in them. i have never taken the thing off road or done anything to make that happen. when i found out about it, the guy at the shop said it was common in 02s.
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