Modifications to 2003 Forester-your help needed

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My wife will be getting a new car soon and the 2003 Forester she drives will soon be mine (as I intended all along). It is an automatic (I would have taken a manual) XS model.
Given a budget of $3000, what mods would you recommend. It does have new Goodyear tires with only about 10,000 miles but has the stock wheels.
Has 98,000 miles and plan on keeping it until her new car is paid off and then some (about 7 more years)

I was thinking of
1) wheels
2) exhaust
3) lowering kit and suspension pieces
4) tinted windows
5) engine mods

any others?


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    I just got a 2003 subaru forester. 2.5 liter, you know, the usual. It runs amazing, new brakes, rotors, tires, BUT,when i shut the car off the car clicks, i believe its coming from the bottom of the car, it just start to making clicking sounds, like marbles going down a pipe? does anyonje else have this problem, and how do i fix it???? thanks.
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    Several Subaru models develop rattling heat shields on the exhaust system. I believe most people just get used to it.
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    I believe you will find that this is quite common and is simply the exhaust system cooling down.
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    I had Plus One wheels and tires on my 98 and enjoyed those. Tint also.

    Not sure you'll get as much from the other stuff. Supposedly an underdrive pulley will let the engine rev up more quickly, improve response, but you lose a bit of accessory power so I passed.
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