Electrical Problems on Saturn Vue?

huntel2huntel2 Member Posts: 2
I have a Saturn Vue, 2006 and for the last month I've been afraid to get in my car because I worry that it will stop functioning...

A month ago my car wouldn't start. I got a jump, went to get the battery checked, it was OK, and there wasn't an explanation for it.

Today my car wouldn't start. I cried for a minute, tried again, and it started, but the start up took slightly longer than it normally does.

I went and got the battery tested, it was bad, I changed it.

3 hours later (after I had driven the car for about 20 minutes, parked it and turned it off) I got back in my car, and it turned on normally, but none of the lights on my dash board or radio turned on, (but the radio still worked). I drove for about a minute and the lights turned on. I turned my car off and restarted it, and it turned on normally.

I am hoping this isn't an electrical problem, aren't those expensive? Can anyone shed any light?

(on a separate note, about once every 6 months i have to replace my radio fuse because it just stops working and my radio won't turn on... not sure if this has anything to do with it, but I wanted to mention it)

(on another separate note that I wanted to mention, I have one headlight that went out on the same day that my car wouldn't start a month ago, but then it came back on so I didn't replace it. Last night when I got home I realized it was out again (I check it every day to make sure), and then this morning is when I had the problems... not sure if there's a connection).

Thank you!



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    From your description, yes, it does sound like an electrical problem. You may have a short circuit somewhere in your system, a faulty alternator or some electronic control unit is malfunctioning. The hard part is finding the root cause of the problem but "expensive" is a relative term. E.g. I'd much prefer looking for electrical problems than having an engine or transmission rebuilt. :)

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    Actually I think I found the source of the problem. At least I really hope I did. It just happened to be a lot of unfortunate coincidences. My light is just dead. My battery was dead. And the reason my dash lights weren't on was because someone turned that weird disc thing right above my radio that controls in LED light intensity. That's the only conclusion I can come up with that immediately fixes the problem. I have no idea what the point of that dial is for, I just know keeping it turned in 1 direction solves the problem. :)

    Thank you for the help!
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    I had a bad ground in the front, which affected my turn signals, AC compressor, horn, and maybe a few other things. When I drew enough electrical current, the engine would actually die. I ran a wire from the horn ground wire to the stud where the cable from the negative battery terminal attaches to the body. This seems to fix the problem, but I would like to fix the bad ground if I can find it. Does anyone know where on the body the harness that the horn ground feeds into attaches to the body for a ground? I want to check the contact there if I can get to it. Thanks for any help.
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    I have a 2006 Saturn Vue and today I got in the car turned the radio on and there is absolutely no power! It's dead. Now there is a story that goes along with this. I bought my Vue in Jan 06 and within about 2 weeks the trouble with the radio started. At that point the radio looked to be on however there was no audio.I was annoyed but took it to the dealer and they replaced the amp. Well it worked for a few months and the same thing happened. I took it in again and they "re-booted" the radio and it worked again. You won't believe this but I have had to take the car in for the same problem with the radio 8 times! There was one occasion when the radio simply would not come on (like what is happening today) so they replaced the radio.The last time I had a problem they said they replaced the Amp...again and it worked!! Well now of course the vehicle warranty has expired and I'm not sure what to do but I feel that this is totally unacceptable. The last time I expressed my frustration to a manager at the dealership because I had been in 8 times for the radio his response was "We have brand new radios upstairs. You should buy one!" Literally no empathy from this manager at all! I feel like they should be giving me an upgrade at no cost for the inconvenience of this situation. I think if I bring it in to them and they try to charge me to repair or replace it now that the warranty is expired I may lose my cool and become irate! It's been a hassle for almost 4 years now and every time I get in my car I cross my fingers when I turn on the radio. I guess any advice from anyone who has had a similar situation would be helpful but I would like to know if anyone knows how to reboot this type of radio. Or could it be a fuse? I would be willing to troubleshoot myself before bringing it in
  • sunnysaturnsunnysaturn Member Posts: 1
    Mel- NO electrical problems with our 2006 Vue until yetsreday. It started making a noise and it is the alternator. Chevy dealer said it is "falling apart" !? That sounded weird to me, but we are not the only ones. It is a Honda 6 engine, and i wonder if a Honda part will do it? It is expensive to replace. * Oh yeah... BUT this is the 3rd time for the cheapo driver side sun visor!
    We are happy with the car and the service however.
  • redline08redline08 Member Posts: 1
    I am need of advice on how to proceed with power seat problem for my Vue Redline 2008.

    Over the last (4) months the fuse for the power seat has blown with increasing frequency. My wife usually notices when she goes to use the car. I have inspected and/or checked the following:

    - Checked to make sure no obstruction in track i.e. coin or something. Track was clear. Problem not solved.

    - Checked for obstructions under seat. Had can of glass cleaner which was removed. Problem not solved.

    - Checked track lubrication. It was little dry so lubricated. Problem not solved.

    - Checked fuse type. Confirmed it was correct. Problem not solved.

    - Checked to see if heated seat may be issue. Determined seperate fuse. Problem not solved.

    - Tested/inspected electrical wiring. No apparent breaks/cuts/bare wires.

    - Tested chair repeatedly with multiple people getting in & out (60 or 70 times), moving seat back & forth and adding resistance (feet on fire wall). No fuse blown. Problem not solved.

    - Changed 20 amp fuse out for 30 amp. Problem not solved.

    - Tested 50 amp fuse for one trip. Seat worked fine from start to finish of trip including before car turned off. Fuse was blown when car was used again. Problem not solved.

    I do not think problem is with seat based on above.

    Any ideas?

    On side note in the past I have had following minor electrical (?) problems since I bought care 5 years ago.

    - AC fan speed fluctuating. It is not related to load on engine, etc. Comes back in little bit.

    - Dash lights do not come on when starting car (varies which ones). Have to turn car off and restart to solve.

    Both issues are infrequent and have been investigated with no cause found or even able to repeat.

    Only other change in last 9 months was installation of remote start by dealer 6 months before fuses started blowing.

    So I am at a loss on how to solve. Can only use fuse for short amount of time before blowing.

    Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.

  • GreggWoodcockGreggWoodcock Member Posts: 4
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    I SOLVED THIS PROBLEM with my 2008 Saturn VUE:

    These were my transient symptoms:
    1: Instrument lights blinking off.
    2: Instrument gauges not working or bouncing around.
    3: Radio blinking off.
    4: Turn signals don't work.
    5: Turn signal activation disengages cruise control.
    6: Cruise control cannot be set.
    7: Car behaves as through battery has been removed (which also means that the key cannot be removed if you put it in).
    These problems could usually be triggered by using a DC->AC power converter with a heavy load, like a laptop.

    There were 2 problems with the battery connections.
    1: The battery connections are of a poor design and do not allow for excessive (adequate) clamping so the positive terminal had wiggled loose. This was the main problem and made the care stable for a few weeks but then the symptoms came creeping back. So I went back to the battery area and found...
    2: There is a very small gauge wire connected to the accessory lug of the Ground/Negative battery terminal via a very poor quality ring lug. The connection of the crimp to the ring was so week that when I gently pulled on it, it separated completely (see the 2 pictures: 1 before, 1 after). I stripped it back and screwed the nut directly onto the wire (did not yet replace with another proper ring lug) and have done 1000 miles with heavy load and no electrical glitches at all.

  • Vuefan19Vuefan19 Member Posts: 1
    Hello all, I know this is an old thread, but I'm trying to get the word out to Vue owners: If you have a Redline or similar vehicle with 'premium audio', replacing the amp or radio will not solve the famous 'no sound' problem. It is a known issue with the amplifier. I have not seen a fix, but there is a simple workaround. If the radio makes no sound but is otherwise operating (panel lights up, controls do something on the display, etc): with key out, remove a fuse called either 'Amp' or 'Prem Audio' in the fuse compartment under the hood (driver side, behind the battery). Keep it out for 10 seconds and reinstall. Sound will be restored for some period of time. In my case, it goes for several months before the procedure needs to be done again. If this procedure does not restore the sound, step 1 would be to replace the fuse you pulled with a spare of the same rating. If that does not work, then replace the amplifier. That is per the factory service manual.

    This is a simple procedure; no need to disconnect the battery, and there will be no sparks. Usually there is a supplied puller made of yellow or black plastic. If you don't have the puller, a pair of pliers will work fine. Pull the fuse straight up and push it straight down to reinstall. There is a fuse guide on the inside of the compartment lid.
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