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Kia Rondo Tires and Wheels

gened1gened1 Posts: 256
edited May 2014 in Kia
How does the Rondo Ex V6 with Michelins handle winter weather. If you use winter tires which would you suggest. I live in upstate NY and am thinking of replacing a 6 seater 06 Impala with a 7 seater Rondo. I currently use the OEM michelins on the impala but thinking that if I went with a Rondo I might have to go with winter tires. Also tire rack wants around $300 for the tire pressure monitors. Is it advisable or possible to run tires with out the the TPM as it would be a pain to transfer the monitors twice a year.
Hoping you can answer these questions and thanks in advance if you can.


  • tsm280ztsm280z Posts: 30
    I have an 07 EX V6 automatic with the stock Michelins. Live in Mass but take many trips to northern N.H. Never had a problem with the tires in winter (last year being a record for snowfall). If I was stopped on a hill I would shift into manual mode
    to get better traction. Not sure about the TPM although an earlier post in another category mentioned that this is a rip-off in many tire shops
  • 2007 Rondo EX 4cyl 5 seater

    19K tires cupped from an alignment problem. Rondo pulling to the right. Front end alignment at the dealer. Large adjustment done on all 4 wheels.

    New tires finally put on after a trip out west at 27K. Front end alignment at 27K at Dealer with large adjustment done to all 4 wheels.

    43K Tires cupped from alignment problem. Rondo pulling to the right. Tires will need to be replaced as they have 4/36" tread left.

    Tires have been rotated at 6,000 to 7000 miles.

    I can't remember the tire brand that I bought from Tire Rack last time, but I think the tread wear rating was about 420. This time I'm buying 225/50ZR-17 Kumho Ecsta LX Platinum XL. These have a tread wear rating of 600.

    I plan on scheduling a front end alignment every 10K miles. This is quite expensive. I've never had a car that would not hold an alignment. I do not abuse my cars. I have hit pot holes on occasion, but nothing that made me stop and get out and look to see if there was any damage.
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