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Acura TL Seat Issues

smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
edited March 2014 in Acura
Hi, I've posted on here before but I was hoping for someone's help; I drive a base 08 TL and while I really like the car overall my biggest gripe is the seat comfort both front and rear; I have a severe chronic back problem and have had back surgeries; to me while the seats are very supportive laterally, they are too firm for my back and the lumbar cushions are too stiff/sticking out pushing right in on my lumbar spine causing me a lot of pain and discomfort while I'm trying to drive or sit in the car for any period of time; I've taken two bed pillows to put under my butt and back which have helped but they are too big and move around while I drive; I was wandering if anyone else has had this problem and if so could you recommend some kind of soft cushion that I could use to be more comfortable??


  • bobby420bobby420 Posts: 1
    Hi. I have back problems in my L5-S1 and had laminectomy done two years back.
    Recently got 2009 Acura TL and I love the car except the seats.
    Since last two weeks I have been using Acura and I got back pain.
    I think it's the shape of seat. I have started using Lumbar Support (not the one built in seat but extra one that's like little round( cylindrical) pillow. I keep in in the bottom of seat back where so it support my lower lumbar tail bone area. It is helping me.
    I'll see over time if that helps.

  • I have an '08 TL with Taupe interior. The driver seatback now has obvious wear marks with color and finish break thru. Has anyone else experienced the same problem?
  • I have an '08 TL Moroccan Red Pearl exterior with a Taupe interior purchased in Feb. '08 that has been driven almost daily. I used the leather conditioner the Acura dealership recommended and have not experienced any significant discoloration or leather wear. I can see just a small outline in the seat back but would not consider this anything and is not noticeable unless you are really looking closely. The leather has turned a very slightly darker color overall, not just in any one spot (could be caused by the leather conditioner or the sun). The Acura dealership recommended using the leather cleaner everytime we cleaned the interior of the car which I have done most of the time but not every time.
  • I got my Acura TL in May 09. Since then, I have had pain in my lower legs. The side bolster of the seat cushion pushes up against the back of my leg causing pain. I complained to my Acura dealership. They said that no one else has ever complained. I bought a gel seat cushion to raise my legs off the seat. The pain is gone. However, it has been 4 months now and I have developed a pinched nerve in my back and intermitent numbness in my left leg. Going to physiotherapy now and switched with my wife for her car for a couple months to see if the symptoms go away. Problem gets worse the longer that I sit in the seat.
  • I have scheduled an appointment with the dealer on 9/23. The Taupe color has definitely worn thru to what is now a yellowish white color; all texture is also gone. It is specific to just one area on the driver seatback just above the waist. I too use Acura approved leather conditioners on the interior on a weekly basis. I will update this post after my dealer appointment. I find it odd that after 14 months of ownership the seats are already failing.
  • Please post your update as I am very interested what Acura says. My wife drives the 08 TL almost all the time so the wear on the seat may not be as noticeable as if I were driving it and getting in and out of the car everyday. Nonetheless, this was supposed to be premium leather in th e08 TL and should not have this problem. I still have a 88 Acura legend that the seat leather wore out in 10 years and I had a local upholstery shop replace the seat leather and it has laster another 11 years and the leather is still in very good condition.
  • I definitely will keep you updated. I have already had two other warranty issues so far; both last month. A defective battery replacement and the hands free blue tooth quite working. When I brought the car in for the HFL problem, the very next customer behind me had the same problem with his car, some year, same model. Just that I would let you know. My car was produced in 2/2008. Take care.
  • Interesting you mentioned HFL problems. We have started experiencing delays and echos when connecting to a call. Tried several cell phones with same problem. Deleted and reconfigured the cell phones with same problem. Dealer said it was a cellular service provider issue. Tried in another Acura and had no problems. I expect the HFL to go out soon. The GPS went out 6 months ago. There was a known problem with the GPS not turning off when you turned the car off that would drain the battery although that is one of many problems that would cause the battery to prematurely fail. Also my TL was made in 02/08 as well.
  • Hello. I would definitely push for a new HFL unit from your dealer, especially when it's a warranty issue. They had to order my replacement, took about 3 days to arrive. There was always a delay with mine from day one. If I didn't sync my phone within 5 minutes of starting the car the HFL & phone would not connect. I just thought it was normal. A few months later I'd have to pair the phone / HFL weekly. The new HFL works flawlessly now. An immediate connection regardless of engine start up or after several minutes of driving. Never had that experience before. No more echos or missed calls either. At one point my dealer tried to blame the carrier too. I didn't buy it, pushed back and got my unit. My only suggestion would be for you to verify your phone compatibility with the TL. I'm sure you've gone to the link, but if not here it is:

    Good luck on your car as well, let's just hope this doesn't become the norm with our model build. I think I'll have my GPS checked while my car is in on Wednesday. Thank you for the tip.
  • Good news. The dealer took one look at the seat and said that they will order a new seatback skin. I would keep an eye on your seats just in case. My seats started out as dark coloring on the leather, then it progressed to breakthru / failure.
  • We bought a '08 Acura. At about 4 monts old we started to have issues with the seats.

    The front leather seats started to wear/tear abnormally. This has occurred on both front seats. On the side upper panel closest to the door.

    I was wondering if anyone else had experienced anything like this??

  • I am experiencing the same problem as well. Mine started after 14 months of ownership. The dealer is replacing the drivers side upper seatback skin. In my opinion this should not be happening on Honda's Acura brand. I am currently on a 3 year lease with about 20 months left. I was planning on keeping the car, but now I'm having concerns. In August of this year the battery had to be replaced and the HFL unit failed as well, My model was built in 2/08.
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