Towncar wheel rim rust on interior causing tire air leaks

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My 2005 Lincoln Towncar Signature Limited with 51,500 miles sat in garage for 10 days and all air leaked out of 2 tires, plus partial air leak in 1 tires. Tire repair shop found no problem with tires, but when removing tires from the rim, it found that each rim had about 3 or 4 inch round rust/oxidation next to rim lip that caused the tire to separate from rip and cause a slow leak. They did temporary fix by wire-brushing, then putting bead sealant on.
Does anyone know a permanent fix? Do you think this is a factory defect? What could be the cause ? Thanks in advance for your help. Harry


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    A common condition in the wet NW. After wire brushing, spray paint the rim with a rattle can of clear lacquer. Bead sealer should work. It is NOT a factory defect. The cause is driving through mud puddles and/or standing water.

    After wire brushing and bead sealant, you will be fine and fixed.
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    The rust is from the inside, and it's from moisture that's put in the tire. If you put in air from a compressor that doesn't have a moisture trap, especially on a humid day, you're putting water into the rim. Most gas station air has no moisture trap. If you put the air on the palm of your hand you'll see the water. I've got a twenty year old car in storage with tires eight years old that I haven't added air to in two years. Chrome wheels are especially subject to this kind of rust. There is no permanent fix, but you can slow the leak by sanding and coating with paint. If I were getting a new car with chrome rims I'd make sure I only had nitrogen in the tires as there is NO moisture in the nitrogen. If you plan on keeping the car a long time get new factory chrome rims and use only nitrogen.
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