2002 Dodge Ram Pickup - Wet Floorboard Passenger Side

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Hey Folks,
I have an 02 Dodge Ram Pickup and all of a sudden I have a big wet spot on the passenger floorboard that won't go away.
Is this a leak...is it from the AC unit somewhere?


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    I have the same problem. There my be a crack in the condensate drain that goes through the fire wall. or the drain is clogged. When you park on a hot day, is there a puddle of water under the truck when parked? My ac box is crached. That can be a very expensive fix. I've tried to epoxy the area but it didn,t work. My truck has 296,000mi. I'm not paying for a new air box. I stuff a towel between the firewall and the airbox. The water wicks onto the rubber mat. 2x's a summer I place the exhaust side of my shopvac under the carpet and let it run for a day. Been working fine.
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    Hey Thanks!
    I think I have the same problem...going to tackle it this weekend.
    Thanks Again. :confuse:
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    If it is antifreeze then you have a leaking heater core. If it is simpley water then you have a stopped up drain tube that lets the water out of the a/c system. If thats the case you can clean it out with a water hose and youll be good to go.
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    Seems to run in the family..i have a 1995 with the same issue..now because u asked the question..i know what to do...thanks so much!!
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    Hey thanks folks for all your advice & help on my situation.
    I really appreciate it! :shades:
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    Okay, I have the above problem, and i am pretty sure it is water. How do I use a hose to clean out the a/c system drain?
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    I hear this complaint on older Rams occasionally and I myself had a similar problem with my '03 Dakota. I think in most cases the problem will be clogged cowl drains (condensate drains) preventing water from properly evacuating the cowl area.

    When I mentioned it to my Dodge technician he right away said the drains are probably clogged. I brought it in and on the lift I watched him blow out the drains with compressed air. On one side we heard a loud pop. Obviously that was the clogged one, and it happened to be on the passenger side, which he said 19 out of 20 times it is. When the cowl floods the water runs down the floor pan underneath the carpet.

    In my case we found a lot of very small blue-like granules. It took me a while but I finally realized they were from roofing shingles. I had my roof reshingled about two weeks before and my truck was parked in the driveway the whole time.

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    It was not the 3rd tail light, not the a/c, not the windshield, not the back glass, and not cowl drains. I FOUND IT!!! passenger side door jam- where the firewall is spot welded to the door pillar that the door hangs on- the factory missed a 1 inch spot of seam sealer about 5 inches down from the black plastic cowl cover.(95 dodge ram).I poored a bottle of water into this VERY SMALL crack, and it ran all over my hand that was shoved up under the dash. Probably been leaking since it was new-but with factory vinyl flooring i just noticed it. Dodge dealer said there were a few years that was a problem.
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