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Ford Taurus X Front End Clunk

tkela2tkela2 Member Posts: 1
edited October 2014 in Ford
I have a 2008 Taurus X. with approx 5500 miles

On at least 10 occassions there has been this TRMENDOUS CLUCK sound from the right front and a slight hesitation. It only has happened when the car is on a straight road and going between 20 and 25 mph. The 1st time it happened was in our development and we thought I had hit something. After i figured that we hadn't hit anything we started looking for piece parts on the rod. and then started looking for junk in the road. I CANNOT make it happen it just does. Never any prior indication.

The 1st time I took it to my Ford dealer, after the 2nd occurance, they made some firmware upgrades to a couple of the transmission processers.

the 3rd time my buddy said "What the hell was thaty: and I said' Firmware updates that didn't solve anything.
I took it back to the dealer and they played with it for a couple of days but could not replicate the problem and Ford would not let them do any further investgigation (as in drop the transmission)
Guess what it happened on the way out of the dealers parking lot.

I have gone to the Ford Customer Relations Center who referred me to the Ford Customer Service Resolution Center which after almost 2 months of trying finially I had a conversation with and they will not do anything about it until I can prove a symptom. I offered 10 affidavits from my friends but the offer was rejected.

Anyone have any ideas what this Clunk might be or what my next step with Ford might be?




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    iabuschfamilyiabuschfamily Member Posts: 1
    Any progress? We are having the same problem with our 2009. It has been to the dealership many times. It did happen for them once, so it is documented. We used flight recorders but with no success in finding the problem.

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    gray1402gray1402 Member Posts: 1
    The clunk you are feeling is a probably a problem with the valve body. It will eventually do it and go into failsafe mode with the wrench and engine lights along with the low tire and airbag lights and the mileage will go to -----, miles to empty --- etc. The car will probably show a P0720 code which they will invariably tell you that the Output Speed Sensor is bad and charge you $500 to replace it explaining that they have to take the transmission out, remove the valve body, then drain the pan on the transmission, pull it off and replace the OSS which is behind it. Then after replacing it they will reflash your transmission and send you on your marry way. Later on the problem will erupt again causing you to return where they will tell you the valve body is the problem and it will be $1100 to replace it with a rebuilt one (if they can find one which they probably won't since the rebuilders are convinced they are made from recycled beer cans (seriously). The transmissions are pretty much bullet proof but the valve bodies are garbage and until someone makes one that is better quality you will be seeing more of your dealer which is what they want.
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