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Hyundai Entourage Airbag question

jandafljandafl Posts: 5
edited May 2014 in Hyundai
I just purchased my 2008 Entourage GLS with premium package from the dealer with only 35 miles on it and think I got a great deal. Yay! However, this is considered a used car since it has been "titled" before and is considered a "demo".

I purchased this car over the Honda Odyssey purely based on safety ratings and features. However, when I got home and was looking online (to reassure myself I got a great price) I saw my car listing and it did not mention the side curtain airbags (only front and front side mounted). I looked at a few other listings of other ones and saw that it was missing there too.

Is it possible that these cars do not have side curtain airbags? I've read on several sites including Hyundai's that this is a standard feature. I'm really paranoid b/c I would never buy a car without them. Safety is my #1 priority since I carry my most precious cargo (my kids) in the vehicle.

Am I being paranoid? What would you do? How can I reassure myself that the car does indeed have the airbags??

Thanks in advance.


  • hjc1hjc1 Posts: 183
    I have a 2008 Limited and it has front seat airbags and rear side curtain air bags
    The Entourage is listed as 5 star safety
    I pretty sure the GLS also has the airbag features
    To double check go on Hyundai web site
    Enjoy your car I know I have AND no problems :=)
  • jandafljandafl Posts: 5
    Thank you hjc1. I guess to clarify my question...

    The Hyundai website and every other site I read about the car on says front, front side and rear curtain air bags are standards with every car/model (GLS/Limited). My concern is that in seeing the car listed by various dealers (I actually saw the listing for my exact car), it does not mention these curtain air bags. These descriptions across various dealers were verbatim the exact description so I'm sure they copy/pasted it from another source. I guess the lack of mention of the airbags could be an oversight but I would think that is one feature you'd want to highlight. Considering the Hyundai website says this feature is standard in all models I'm assuming they should be there but I guess I was wondering if for some reason these "demo" models wouldn't have them for whatever reason.
  • jandafljandafl Posts: 5
    PS. I love the car too!!! My hubby was so anti mini van but I did all the research on safety which is the only thing that matters to me (vanity not a factor) and told him I wanted a minivan and it was closed for discussion. After seeing various vans and test driving he took a real liking to this one. He loves the car too and can't wait to take our first road trip. I just want to be reassured we have the curtain airbags. :confuse:
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