Ford Escape Security Code

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I just purchased a 2008 Escape. It didn't have the card with the five digit security code. Where can I find this information? Thanks.


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    The owner's manual says you can get the code from your Ford dealer if you don't have the wallet card in the glove box.

    Since some (most?) dealers will charge you a "diagnostic" fee to hook your Escape up to the computer and look up the code, you could try calling Ford customer support and perhaps you can sweet talk them into looking up your code over the phone. That's a long shot though since the idea of a security code is to keep it private and it's hard to verify that you are the owner over the phone.

    I don't know about Fords, but sometimes you can find security codes on the alarm unit, but first you have to find the alarm control.

    If you do go the dealer route, you may want to check and make sure you have the security code for the radio too. Sometimes those will stop working if you disconnect the battery.
  • curthcurth Member Posts: 2
    So, to your knowledge, there's nowhere I can find this info on my own?
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
    Not to my knowledge.

    It's possible you may be able to find someone on the net willing to give you the code. I've seen a couple of sites that give people security codes for radios, often for a fee, but your problem is bigger than the radio.

    And radio codes can usually be looked up from the serial number on the back of the radio (perhaps together with the VIN).

    When I nosed around the net for a Ford security code for the whole car, it sounded like you needed to hook something up to the computer to read the factory code for the car's security system. I doubt that an OBDII type scanner, like you can sometimes borrow from an auto parts store, would be able to scan that info.

    My net search was pretty brief so maybe you'll find something, but I bet it's one of those "dealer only" kind of things. Finding a sticker on the computer module with the code on it is a long shot.

    Good luck! (and it can't hurt to check all the cubby holes one more time for the wallet card).
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    do you mean the keypad entry code?
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    I work for a Ford dealer...and yes for the keypad security code, you will have to take your vehicle to the service dept and pay the diagnostic fee for the technician to retrieve it, there is no other way to get it. In fact, I would highly recommend that after you get the code you refer to your manual and change it to something else so that no one has the new code. Good Luck!
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    From what I was reading, you can add an additional security code, but you can't remove the original code assigned at the factory.

    Ford must have a lot of patents on the keypads. They'd sure be handy on my cars, especially when I try to get into our van in the garage. My wife is always locking me out. :shades:
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    There is a youtube post of a 2010 escape. Mine is a 2009 and it worked exactly the same.
    1. With a non-marring tool, (butter knife)pry up the chrome trim piece around the shifter. On my 2009, It is held down by 4 tabs, essentially in the 2,4,8,10 o'clock position.
    2. Remove the storage tray from underneath the center console armrest, and leave the armrest cover open
    3. Grab the center console finish panel near the front cupholders and pull straight up. This piece is only held in place with a few tabs. This was VERY difficult, actually impossible. So I moved the front seat rearward, used the butter knife and pry-ed up the console from the the area of the cupholders, while pulling up (with my other hand) with the cupholder area. On my 2009 the 4 tabs are located.....1" in front of gear shifter (left and right) and all the way to the rear, where the center console slopes up and meet the armrest cover/lid area (left and right)
    4. Pull the finish panel up and back, and set it aside.
    5. Once this is done, you should be able to see the Smart Junction Box (SJB) to the right and slightly ahead of the gear shifter.
    6. On the left side of the SJB (i.e., facing inwards in the center console), there should be a label with a bar code that says "FoMoCo". In the bottom left corner (mine was upside down, so it was the top right corner), there should be a 5 digit number printed. This is the factory keypad code.
    7. Before you put anything back together, close and lock your doors (make sure you have your keys), and try entering this code to verify that you did get the right number. Your doors should unlock, and you can then put everything back together.
    8. Follow the owner's manual instructions for entering your own personal codes. I would add that you need to pull quite hard on the center console, try to get it to break loose on one side first. Have courage, it seemed unremovable at first. Also I used a plastic putty knife to remove the chrome trim piece, work it up slowly working from all four sides.
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    Thankyou to the YouTube video and to "pwsunglass" post.... just got a 2011 Escape with no wanted $60 to get it for me...this walkthrough took me 5 minutes and I now have sticker was also upside down and kinda hard to see, so I used camera on phone and just took a pic which I could then see easier, plus I have passtcod saved in case I forget it.
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    This tutorial didn't work for me. The area of the sticker where the code should be is blank. I don't know if it makes a difference, but mine is a 2009 Escape Hybrid.

    Can anyone suggest where to look for my model? I really don't want to spent $90 at the dealership, for something I can do myself.

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    Mine is an '08 and looks the same. Help !!
  • magmafishmagmafish Member Posts: 2
    A few months back I had my 09 Ford Escape Hybrid (discussed above) in for service at the Ford dealership. I asked them to recover the door code. They attempted this and failed, claiming it was aftermarket. Shortly after I ford a Ford card in the bottom of the glove box with the a door code on it (which didn't work).

    It seems clear to me that its not aftermarket because I have a plastic machine printed card from Ford with a code on it.
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