2006 Forester Bike Rack (Roof or Rear)

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Considering purchasing a bike rack for our 2006 Forester. It came with roof racks, so the hard part is done. I've done a little bit of searching online and found some twin racks for about $240-$250.

I also found a single bike rack for $55. That would be significantly cheaper seeing that I could buy 2 for $110. Here's the link:

We don't have a towing package, so for rear attachments, we need to use the trunk hook up. Here is a Thule (up to 3 bikes) for $122-150: http://www.autoanything.com/bike-racks/65A3911A0A0.aspx

Here is a Yakima (up to 3 bikes) $135: http://www.autoanything.com/bike-racks/69A4020A0A0.aspx

Any opinions or help? Should I look for a brand name like Yakima? Or does Subaru make one?

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    I had a hitch-mounted one, and the advantage is you don't have to do much lifting. Plus it doesn't affect the aerodynamics of your car. 3rd advantage - you need less clearance for garages, etc.

    Cost is the only disadvantage. If you can make use of the hitch for other things, it's worth it. I towed small trailers with mine.
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    thank you for your help! i'll get some pricing on getting a hitch installed. yes, it is a bummer, because my prior vehicles were a chevy s-10 blazer (with hitch) and a land rover discovery (with hitch). our forester (used 2006) did come with many features like heated windshiled, seats, roof racks, all weather mats, alloy wheels, sun roof, auto climate control, and many other cool add-ons, but I am missing the hitch!

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