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2010 T&C

drivmywifecrzydrivmywifecrzy Member Posts: 61
edited March 2014 in Chrysler
Any idea when the 2010 T&C will be at dealers?

Any idea when new 2009 T&C inventory will be at dealers? I haven't seen anything added in 3 months.


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    scoutllscoutll Member Posts: 40
    The local dealer told me on the 3rd of July that just about all 2009 models have been shipped. He doesn't have any more forecast as inbound. According to him, Chrysler cut way back on production and shut down to retool ect earlier to try to save money and prevent the traditional year end inventory overload. The local dealer here is down to 4 GC and 3 T&C. They figure to be totally out of them all by the time the 2010's start to arrive.
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    drivmywifecrzydrivmywifecrzy Member Posts: 61
    Any word?
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    wonderpetswonderpets Member Posts: 14
    The finance guy says "hopefully within a month".
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    drivmywifecrzydrivmywifecrzy Member Posts: 61
    Any changes from the 2009?
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