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Can you unscrew the roof antenna from '09 RAV4?

red7baronred7baron Posts: 1
edited May 2014 in Toyota
I want to replace my old '90 Jeep Cherokee with the '09 RAV4 and use it sometimes as a utility vehicle. With my Jeep I could load big items onto its roof rack without any problems, but I noticed that the '09 RAV4 has its antenna right in the middle of the roof. This antenna prevents me from loading from behind a big type "A" frame ladder onto the RAV4 rack. Can I easily unscrew the '09 RAV4 antenna to load my big ladder? I wish that Toyota had designed a roof antenna with a 180 degree adjustable tilt (or am I thinking about a new patent here?); this way I could just lay it flat on its roof to load the ladder. Thanks in advance.


  • cbmortoncbmorton Posts: 252
    I agree - it would have been better if the antenna was foldable, but yes, you can unscrew it when needed.
  • ohiobobohiobob Posts: 4
    Yes, you can unscrew it but I'm not sure what if any reception you can receive. the antenna is flexible enought that you should be able to bend it in between the load depending on what you have up on the roof. Otherwise unscrew it put it in the glove compartment and listen to the CD player.........
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