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Town Car window motor problem

99towncarexec99towncarexec Posts: 160
edited August 2014 in Lincoln
Every so often my windows stop working,including the moon roof in the 94 SIG SERIES.Anybody have a clue what this could be??I just got the car a week ago.


  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,425
    The Seller of your 94 may have put a "minimal" battery in to save $ & get it out the door.

    When my 94 Sig had your problem, it was solved by installing a fresh and more powerful battery. If we don't drive it frequently, I put a charger on it every two weeks.

    If you do your own battery installation, remember to use a terminal cleaner on the posts and cables & install an anti corrosive lube too.
  • Thanks,but I doubt it's the battery.Everything works,car starts etc.It's just the windows and moon roof that go out.Battery is big and looks in good condition in the car.
  • hdehde Posts: 9
    I have the same porblem with my front windows. Thee drivers door stopped working, motor makes noise, but will not roll up, and other doors are slow. I wish I knew what caused this too
  • Your problem might just be the actual power window motor itself.They do get real slow when they get old.The window might be off the track as well which could be what you're hearing.I'd pull the door panel and look at that track.Mine is a little different.It just stops altogether,then after a few minutes of driving it starts to work again.
  • hdehde Posts: 9
    thanks. Mine stooped too and then started again. now it wont roll up/down. had to manually pull it up. seems to be on track and plunger seems to work. I will check for it being on track, and let you know
  • Your window switch might be the problem too.
  • hdehde Posts: 9
    so the switch itself may be bad. the motor seemed to work, but the window did not go up or down.
  • I just replaced my driver side window switch for the 3rd time.It seems to work ok so far.The window is a little slow in spots though.
  • Let me know if you find out anything about it not working.Mine is still acting up even with a different switch.
  • My intermittent window not operating :shades: condition was caused by a bad relay.Had the 94 at Ford today for a recall on the cruise and had them take a look.Took them about and hour to do the recall and fix the issue.I'm happy!
  • My 1988 Town Car's driver door exterior weather strip is cracking and I'm getting rain down in the door. There's way too much rain getting down in that door. Does anyone know what the rubber weather strip is officially called and where I can buy, (not likely, I know), just one? Also, I'm assuming that the chrome strip that holds the electric lock keypad will need to be removed? There's something I wouldn't want to damage! If I can't fix this right and because it's mid October already, I may plastic wrap,(to protect), the window and apply black silicone over the strip and probably not use the window until I can correctly replace the strip. Anyone have any feedback regarding the proper replacment parts and procedure? Thanks.
  • If your 88 front door is anything like the 99 door I had,look on the bottom.There should be plugs down there.Black rubber.Pull them out to drain the water.Look on ebay for your weather stripping.Either that or go to any auto parts store and tell them what you need.They can look it up in their computers.
  • !978 lincoln town car power windows will not work.
    Any ideas?
    fuses are good.
  • When all the windows won't work and the Circuit Breaker is good, go after the main switch on the drivers door. They are known to just wear out, noting the main feed pin and plug to this switch.
    When the drivers door control works but none of the other door switches do, check the remote safety cut-out switch on the driver's door that shuts off all the other door switches on the other doors. May be OFF or a bad connection where its plugged in.
    Single windows inop? This issue has come up on my 99 Cartier. The left rear window only worked when it wanted to, I guess.
    Took it in to the Dealer for a PM and asked the write-up guy about this ONE window (inop - but up at the time).
    He went in the bump shop and came back with a rubber mallet. Struck the inner bottom frame of the door ONCE a good lick, while I held the button for down, and it started working again????????
    Friend at Fords here in Dearborn told me if the window wasn't used very much (I called the previous owner and Aunt Barb actually said she never remembered using either rear window AT ALL since new) there can be a film build-up from humidity on the comutator (copper bars on the armature of these permanent magnet motors that the brushes contact) and will cause no contact. Once it was working again the Dealer guy told me to run the window up and down a few (25) times to wear off/clean off this corrosion.
    He COULD have sold me a motor replacement.
    It has been working ever since, but I do run them up and down twice a month anyway.
  • wtgwtg Posts: 2
    I am trying to take the motor off but their is a cable how do I remove the window motor and cable? I would appreciate some help. Thanks

  • Just unplug it.That's how it came off in my 94 and it should be the same in yours.When you take the switches off or out of the panel,you should see the plugs right behind it.
  • nwraaanwraaa Posts: 170
    The motor and cable comes as an assembly. If you are replacing or repairing the motor, you have to drill-out the rivets, put a screw driver at the top of the door to hold the wndow up and drop the assembly through the largest hole in the door. When the assembly is out, just unbolt the motor from the assembly.
  • monzairmonzair Posts: 5
    Wow -- who is that honest dealer?

    The guy struck the door with the rubber mallet where -- on the metal below the panel?

    --Tom in Ohio
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