2005 Equinox radio swap with newer model

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Has anyone swapped out their 2005 radio for a newer equinox model that has the mini jack plug for an ipod.
Does a new model also fit the 2005, like a 2007 radio fit a 2005 model. Any ideas or suggestions


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    I am also interested is this swap for the same reasons... have you tried it yet or gotten any info anywhere else?
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    nothing yet..suppose i could call the dealer, but i hate those guys
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    I tried to replace the factory radio in my 05 with one for an 06. When I took it to the dealer to have it programed. I was informed that I would not be able to use the 06 radio and that the radio had locked but the radio is still working what do they mean by the radio is locked
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    If your radio is "locked" you shouldn't be able to use it.
    You say that it works o.k., so it must be "unlocked" by a code from the dealer but you are supposed to have this code in your possession.
    Here is more explanation about a "locked" radio.

    The radio uses a "radio lock" that engages automatically whenever you cut power to the radio.
    This feature helps to protect the radio from being used if it is ever stolen. In this respect it acts as a theft deterrent.
    The thinking is simple: even if a crook were to steal the radio, it would be useless to that person since without the unlock code from the manufacturer, the radio cannot be operated.
    Unfortunately, this means that if you lose the radio code, you will need to have your radio reset by a General Motors dealership.
    If you do have the code, you can reset the radio yourself.

    Here is the way to "unlock" your radio with your personal code;

    Step 1
    Turn the radio on by pressing the "power button" on the radio console.

    Step 2
    Wait until the radio flashes "CODE" on the display screen.

    Step 3
    Press in your personal code on the radio console number pad.

    Step 4
    Wait for the display screen to stop reading "CODE" and return to a normal display. This will reset the radio and allow you to use it once again.
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    I have have a 05 NOX LT AWD with Onstar, 6 CD changer, and almost all of the accessories available on this truck. I had to replace the radio head because on of the channels went out. I purchased a radio on Ebay which was from a 06 NOX. This radio had the XM feature on it. I plugged in the radio and it displayed LOCKED. The is no code you can enter into the radio to unlock it. You MUST take it to a dealership. The computer of the radio talks to the vehicle's computer on a class 2 data link. It looks for the vehicle's VIN. If there is a mismatch the radio will not work. If you can get the VIN from the donor vehicle it may speed up the process. Dealerships will charge you one labor (about 89.00 not including tax) to reprogram the radio. You can possibly call around to the service advisors at the local GM dealership and get it done for half a labor hour. (This is the deal I got!) The radio works fine and the steering wheel control control the radio just fine. I went to a salvage yard and picked up the XM receiver and antenna. The plug for this is located behind the plastic wheel well inside the rear cargo area. It just plugs in without any problems. I will go to the same dealership this Friday and unlock the XM radio. (Another 45.00) I had to drill a hole in the roof but a small problem for a great cause. I would not know if you can upgrade to a later model radio if any changes were done the vehicle's computer software. If you have any further questions please let me know. I will report back on the unlocking of the NOX's new XM radio receiver.
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