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GMC Safari/Chevy Astro



  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    GM lowers Safari, Astro base price



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  • mrnimmomrnimmo Posts: 271
    Moderately priced? Except that Dodge's fullsize van is only 20,481, GM's is 23,074, and Ford's 22,030 according to TMV. All seat eight just like the Astro, have nice headroom like the Astro, and get the same MPG and towing capability with a V6. To me, Astro's only selling point is AWD and that it is a minivan that retains some true utility (durability of body on frame construction, towing capability, cargo capacity even with the back seat being used by passengers) while not driving like a Taurus or Camry. (I like the ride of a real truck or van-- I know the soccer moms don't.)
  • I am posting this to those to those with a possible TBI V-6 firing then shutting down. Today I had the starting problem reappear, but this time the SES light stayed on when I finally got my van started. A quick trip to AutoZone hit the jackpot. Their error reader indicated "P0108, MAP sensor circuit high." The MAP adjusts the fuel flow pressure for ignition based on the load of your engine, and it is regulated by the engine's vacuum. From what the technicians told me even a minute vacuum leak will cause an error. Anyhow, after taking the shroud off inside the van, the MAP is easily accessible on the top of the engine. After resetting it both electrically and physically (it was a little loose), the SES light went out and the van fired with no problem on the first crank. Saved me $42 for now, but time will tell.

    Hope this helps someone in the future who has these problems, it's a cheaper fix than a fuel pump replacement.
  • Having a possibly intermittent problem with my front wheels not engaging on a 99 AWD Safari. At times I'd swear the AWD is working, driving up long,steep loose gravel driveways without missing a beat. But some times my rear wheel will spin and I don't go anywhere, like on a patch of sloping wet grass. Took it to a dealer who plugged in his computer(scanner) under the dash to read the "engine" codes. At first he said I had no front wheel sensors, then found they were there but not picking up any signal. He took it for a test drive and came back saying only the rear wheels were engaged. He put the van back on the lift, started it up, and just the rear wheels were turning. Then he "cleared" or reset,the front wheel sensors on the computer/scanner and presto, all 4 wheels were turning . He decided everything was OK, but couldn't really explain it. I drove home to my favorite slippery spot and the rear wheel just spun, with no front wheels engaging.
    Went to a 2nd dealer, don't know exactly what he did, but called me over at the end to show all 4 wheels turning up on the lift. He claims the front wheel sensors the other dealer looked at were for the ABS brakes and were not related to the AWD.
  • I just had to replace the fuel pressure regulator on my 2000 Astro with only 42,000 miles. Has anyone else seen a similar problem? It alarms me that this type of repair was needed at such low miles. Is this a known problem with the 4.3 liter engine? I am hoping that Chevy will "help" with the costs of these repairs. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  • Yes! the fuel pressure regulator is a common problem. Especially if using premium fuel, California fuel, and possibly the re formulated fuels with MTBE, or Ethanol. This has been happening since the first CPI injection system in either 95 or 96. One would think that GM would have corrected the problem by 2000.
  • Just finding this site the other day and imeadiatly read all 460 some posts, I can't help but ofer my thoughts on numerous complaints of the driving postion of an Astro/Safari van. I am rather tall, 6'3" with long legs and I love the way my van fits me. I drive with my knees almost touching the dash and the front edge of my seat raised as high as it goes (power seats) and the back of the seat as low as it goes. This gives me good support under my thighs with is helpful on long trips. I also drive an hour to work each way. My seat back is very upright also, almost like sitting in a straight back dinning chair. I find this very comfortable you might want to try it for a while.
  • Has anyone had any problems with their rotors warping? I have a 1997 Safari AWD and have had problems with brand new rotors and pads warping in less than month. Any help or suggestions are welcomed.
  • ganze1 - I had this with my 98 Safari shortly after I got it (about 10.000 miles after new). I complaint at the dealership - they wanted to convince me that this is just normal -, and after insisting on fixing it ,they exchanged the rotors and everything is fine since (now I have about 55.000 miles on them). It seems that some rotors are OK and others not. There might be a problem in the tolerances of their quality specs.
  • I own a 1988 Safari SLE. Does anyone else have a problem with the instrument panel dimmer? The bracket on mine breaks with a light amount of pressure. The dealer has replaced the bracket at least 5 times. Is there any other fix for this?
  • My '94 Astro with 135k miles has developed a nasty growling type vibration when started and in any gear except neutral. Sitting at a stop light you can really feel it. I took it to a reputable tranny shop (dealers terrify me), and he couldn't tell if it was in the tranny or in the engine, i.e. flywheel. In neutral it doesn't shake the car at all. Am considering running it until it becomes so bad it is more obvious but that could be a long time. Any similar episodes out there?
  • We have a 93 Safari with 181,000 on it, and in the past month it began to vibrate in the same manner. It is due to go in for service next week, so we'll see. There is still some vibration at a particular rpm, even in neutral, but it is much worse when in gear. Isn't as noticeable at higher speeds.
  • Sometimes when I turn on the headlight switch the instrument panel lights do not come on. All the other dashboard lights come on (A/C,heater control, radio, rear A/C switch, etc.). I suppose there is a marginal electrical connection somewhere but I'm not sure where to look. The lights will sometimes either work right away, or will come on when I hit a bump on the road or release the parking brake. Can someone suggest a physical location to check? I don't like driving at night without knowing my speed and other engine info.
  • Does the Astro/Safari have enough headroom in the interior for a passenger in a wheel chair. I would like to find a mini van that a wheelchair passenger could ride in without having to lower the floor. Along the same line, how difficult is it to remove the 2nd row captains seats and the third row seat?
  • Hi, I have the same problem! No heat to the rear heater on my 1992 AWD Safari....I want to install a manual shut off.Tried to follow the vacuum line from the splitter/ joint box near tranny to no avail! ...Any help from the others who experienced this or who fixed with a manual stop cock???? ...Help....Please????...Thanxs !
  • Having the same problems as described by 67firebirdconv Post #496 - can you tell me exactly where the vacuum line routes to?
    I have located the broken section laying on top of the intake manifold, however have no clue as to the connecting points.

    Thanks in advance.
  • I purchased a new vann in aug.2002.TENDAYS after i bought it the rear brakes were making a thumping noise.I too it in and they said it eas rust, from sittin in the lot. one week later the noise was back again only worse, again I took it in. This time they said the brakes were OUT OF ROUD,,,whatever,,, two weeks later the soud was back,,much more prnounced, this time they said thebrakes were ou of round again and the would fix it like new. I SAID IT IS NEW. there was only 500 miles on it. THEY WOULD NOT GIVE ME NEW BRAKES. ALSO ,,,DOES ANYONE HEAR A HIGH PITCHED FREQUENCY NOISE COMMING FROM INSIDE THE DASH??? IT DRIVES ME CRAZY,,, my friend has the same van, he also has the dash noise..I am now taking it to another dealer..HOPING THE CAN FIX IT. ANY SUGGESTIONS????
  • The noise is probably one of the heating and air vacuum motors with a small leak.
  • I just bought a 2003 Safari and am hoping for a long smooth relationship with the van.
  • These vans are virtually unchanged since their 1984 intorductions. There is really no reason to buy them.
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