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Kia Amanti dangerous loss of power issues

freddy10freddy10 Member Posts: 4
edited October 2014 in Kia
I have a 2004 kia amanti that loses power when it gets hot out or after driving 30 miles and the car gets hot. It is extremely dangerous and I have brought it to the dealer several times and they keep on releasing it fixed. It is under warranty and I believe Kia does not want to pay the money to fix it and is trying to fix it temporary until it goes out of warranty and then tell me I need a new enguine or something else that is expensive> Is anyone else having similar problems with their car? The car is still not fixed. :lemon:


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    sean0210sean0210 Member Posts: 1
    I totally understand you because today I went used car dealer shop, see 2004 KIA amanti and felt that what you are talking about. It was true that car just got so hot although car ran in 5minute for test drive.
    So I had complained about it but dealer said that it is just a common happening and that hot airs are coming from the hood and it is very natural happening. Can you believe the car ran 5minute and temperature like over than 100? So, I had decided not to buy the car. It was crazy. And I don’t know where the problem is coming from.
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    nittanyaznittanyaz Member Posts: 1
    Amanti lost power three times this week after several hundred miles of driving. It's as if the engine disengages and goes into neutral. The rpm's shoot up and everything stops. After an hour it starts. This happened two years ago and the Kia dealer could not "duplicate" the problem. Has anybody had this problem?
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