01 Pontiac Grand Prix Rear Speaker issue

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I own a 01 grand prix 3.1L, I recently dealt with the whole water leaking in thru the RF side, I fix that problem but started to have a audio problem. about 6 months after I fix the water problem my rear speakers would come on once in a while. If I let my car sit in the sun, once the inside is hot my rear speakers work fine, but once it cools down they shut off. Any Ideas of what this might be? I already changed the Stereo and still have the same issue.


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    I have the identical rear-speaker problem. Wondering if you were able to resolve it yet, or are just living with the fronts as I am. My guess is that the male pins for the rear speakers are expanding in the heat just enought to make contact with the female connectors. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to remove the radio to check the connections. Can anyone help with that? (I'm too cheap to take it to a repair place, lol)
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    2000 pontiac grand prix.. Whats up with that?
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    :mad: :mad: :lemon: My rear speaker wont work also.....have you any help?please help!!!!
  • sonyarsonyar Member Posts: 5
    :sick: :lemon: :sick: I have had this car for about 1 month and i am having the same problems with my car...leaks,speakers in the rear wont work and had water coming in first back then in the front and then the sunroof. and now my car heater works only on 5......
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    I had both these problems( i've had the car a long time and alot of miles my maitenance folder is 4 inches thick) I have interminitent rear speaker but i haven't had it repaired. The heater only working on 5 i have had that issues replaced. There is a resisted block that is on that switch and each one of the resistors will blow you just need to get that replaced you need to take off the plastic underneath the dashboard. That was a relativly early issue. I had it replaced around 80k miles i now have 160k miles.
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    I have the same problem with my chevrolet truck and the dealership had the replace the speaker which worked until next winter so I think I will upgrade to a better speaker and do it my self
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    I have just had the exact problem with my speakers in my 2000 GP

    My solution was to replace the rear deck speakers with new 6x9's. I also replaced the adapter from the speaker to the factory harness in the trunk.

    As far as I could tell, I was either having the expanding plug issue, or I had a voice coil going out and it would only work when the wire expanded (hot).

    In order to get at the speakers.... follow these steps.

    1. Remove the back seat bottom cushion... look for two release tabs by the front floor.
    2. Remove two nuts holding wire loops in place.
    3. Remove the two nuts holding the seat belts buckles to the seat bracket.
    4. Lift off the back seat back.
    5. Remove two plastic plugs holding real deck shelf carpet.
    6. Carefully remove the rear deck carpeting lift UP and forward. Pay attention to the corners.
    7. Remove some felt looking material... careful not to damage it.
    8. Peel forward the Dynamat looking material.
    9. Remove 4 screws holding each speaker in place.
    10. Unplug the speaker from the harness in the trunk and remove it.
    11. Install new speakers... and reassemble the car.

    This completely solved my problem.

    I then blew both my front speakers, so that was another job.

    p.s. I ordered my speakers from Crutchfield.com and they included the factory adapters with my purchase.

    Hope this helps.
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    I had a 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix GT. It had the same problem with the Speakers. It seemed like they were temperature sensitive. They would only come on it the temperature was above 70 degrees inside the car. However, a tree fell on it before I could fix the problem. Now I have a 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP Supercharge and it has the same issue. I have spoken to a Mechanic about the issue and he is telling me that there is a corrosion problem somewhere in the wiring. Since Grand Prixs seem to have an issue with the tail lights filling with water and the trunk leaking. I am thinking that the issue is somewhere in that area. Possibly in the speaker connections. I am going to take a look and see what I can find and post back. I am going to go through the steps that sk98iq73 suggested to see if I can find any corrosion there as well.

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