Chevrolet Tahoe Diagnostic Trouble Codes

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So I got in my 2004 Tahoe today and the "service 4wd" message came on my dash...also, my push button 4wd panel was stuck on 4wd low...I was unable to change this. I started to drive it and noticed no difference in the car so I drove all the way back home from out of town (2 hours) with no issues....the panel would change from no lights on to 4wd drive low but never went to 2wd. Also, the engine light came on and is pulling code P2771 which is a 4wd low circuit code. So here are my questions:

-If I don't use 4wd do I need to fix this problem? Since it doesn't seem to effect the driving of the car I was wondering if I could just let it go.
-If not, what do you think the problem might be? Could it be as simple as low fluid in the transfer case? Or could it be a bad control switch on the transfer case?



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    1. Transfer case shift control module
    2. 4WD low signal circuit for a short to ground
    3. 4WD low signal circuit for an open
    4. PCM
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    My truck has 33K on it and it just passed a state inspection. A week later it start stalling going down the road. Took it in and they cleaned the throttle body. It runs great but now the service engine light stays on. I took it to Auto Zone and they diagnosed a code P0446 and said that it could be a number of things wrong with it. I think I hear a leak on the left side on the engine but not sure. What is a P0446 code and what else could cause the code to come up. Engine light stays on all the time. Thanks
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