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Jeep Cherokee and Grand Cherokee Overheating



  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    has probly installed the belt wrong as the water pump turns bacword on the l 6 engine take it back and have them make sure that the belt is installed right
  • I had my cooling fan on my 2000 JGC Laredo 3 times and it just went out again. It is fine when I drive, but when sit idle too long it over heats. What gives? got any suggestions for the underlying problem and how to fix t.
  • Hey there starz8235 I have a solution but i'm not going to guarantee you 100 percent this is the correct answer but i will tell you it's what happened in my situation. I live in las vegas and the for the past 4 yrs my radiator fan has blown out and in return so has my radiator fan relay in my 02 JGC laredo. Every yr i bring it into the same jeep dealership and every yr they replace the fan for free but i pay 340 out of pocket for the relay since the fan itself was originally a recall but not the relay so i get stuck there. I consider myself lucky when it happened this past june. I brought it into the shop but they were so backed up they said they needed to keep the jeep for 3 days and i said screw that, so i went to some rinky dink auto shop and found AN HONEST MECHANIC if you can believe that.

    He told me the fan was perfectly fine as well as the relay, (which the jeep dealership would never tell me, and it was the exact same problem for the past 4 yrs with my jeep overheating.) He said the problem was in my electrical motherboard or something like that. He said it the electrical system just wasn't working properly which made it to where my fan wouldn't run right. For 100.00 he connected my fan to the battery (i believe) so that the second my jeep turned on the fan started right away. I've never had an issue with the overheating ONCE since he did that. Now i'm not stating it's the perfect solution for the long run, but if your short on money i'd suggest looking into it as a short time fix. Down here in vegas it will stay hot until mid to late oct so this was the perfect solution for me until i can get the money to fix the main problem. Personal opinion i love my jeep but i think i heard it best from 1 person, with a jeep you either get a real winner or you get a lemon. As i've stated i've had issues with the radiator fan, which i now feel was unjust. All of the window regulators have went out and i've had to replace them all, the power seat on the driver side has had issues with 2 of the buttons, Check ignition light comes on for no reason when it wants to, sometimes it stays on for days, to weeks and then for no reason like putting 5 dollars in gas in it when its 3/4 filled already it goes away all of a sudden lol, it shutters when your stopped at a stop light like it wants to die, and like most jeeps once you get it up to 60 or higher mph it vibrates and hums like crazy. Sorry for long response, i hope this may have helped in some way.... Doug
  • I guess i honestly couldn't tell you the reason jeeps seem to have this problem, either its just coincidence amongst millions of us, or i'd seriously ask someone to look at the electrical situation and see if that's not the real problem as it seems to be in my situation.
  • it is kind of strange because there is just a ground and power wire going to the fan. Thinking it may be the fan motor itself. Jeeps are nice, but now after seeing all these problems I am thinking it may be time to get rid of it
  • You and me both brother... as much as i like my jeep as well, it just has way to many problems, and last night while driving home from the store i noticed something for the 1st time i've never noticed... the interior on the roof is supposed to be a grayish / cream color, and when i looked up it has brown spots and large brown circles all over it ????? It has never been smoked in or had any water damage at all, so i'm really intrigued by this new situation. Yeah but about the fan problem i really have no idea what the mechanic did, i'm not a "mechanical person" all i know is he rigged up my fan to where the second my jeep turns on the fan turns on automatically?
  • Wondering if there's a way to access the fan relay without dropping the entire front bumper? Can you cut a hole somewhere behind the headlight area? I have the fan jumpered right now. Its always on... I'd really like to do it right but last time the relay died it cost me $600/labor the part is only about $28.... Any tips about getting to that relay? Thanks
  • hi how does the joins come apart on the condenser pipes can any body help so i can replce the condenser and rad.thanks
  • I don't know anything about cars so please help!

    My 01' JC has 82,000 miles. All winter the heat would not work and it was leaking coolant and the check engine light would go on and off.

    Two weeks ago I had a new radiator and thermostat installed and a new belt (something to do with the alternator) installed. When I picked up the car, I drove it around for about 30 minutes and the heat worked fine and the check engine light did not come back on. The next morning, it had leaked reddish fluid and when I started the engine there was a loud screeching noise. I went back to the shop and they suggested I drive it for a few days and see what happens. The leak stopped that day. But, the screeching got worst... now, I hear it every time I start the engine, when I turn on the heat/air, when making turns and even sitting at stop lights! I never had this problem before.

    I'm taking it back tomorrow so any suggestions would be helpful because I don't trust the mechanic! :sick:

  • muse1muse1 Posts: 2
    May be completely unrelated problem. I had the same issue(s) with mine. Turned out to be low power steering fluid. Will make you engine sound like a jet when it is cold outside. May not be your problem but it is an easy thing to rule out.
  • muse1muse1 Posts: 2
    Recently had problems with low coolant on my 01 Jeep GC. Had it pressure checked and they couldn't find anything. Couple days later I noticed that the overfill tank was spilling over after I shut the Jeep down. Next morning I noticed that the temp was rising to 210 when stopped, but would go back to 185 when driving. Dropped it off immediately at the shop. Asked them to flush radiator, check the cap and check to see if the fan was working. They called to let me know they found a lot of scale but that the Jeep was ready to go. By the time I get there, I notice the hood is popped open and the engine is running extremely rough. Mech says, You Got a Real Problem Now. The engine was knocking extremely hard, I had to run over and turn it off. Was running smooth when I took it in. They think flushing the scale caused a leak to develop in the head gasket and that I should buy a new engine. Anyone think I have an argument here? I just had the coolant system flushed 4 months ago cause my heater stopped working. I know it wasn't that bad.
  • Thanks Muse, I haven't made it back to the mech yet so I'll check the fluid first, can't hurt!
  • madsindermadsinder Posts: 2
    edited July 2010
    hello i have a question my jeep keeps over heating at first i thought it was the water pump and the thermostat so i replaced both and the thermostat is 195 oem but that did not work either it still kept over heating untill the raidatior cracked so i replaced the raidaitor and the radiator cap with a 16 lbs cap and i also revurse flushed the coolent system before i put the new raidatior on and it flowed fine both fans turn on ex the belt fan and the electric fan at the right temp but when i drive it or let the jeep idle it would idle at 220 then quickly spike to 250 then 260 and then overheat. but when i check the hoses the main radiator hose is overly hot but the radiator cap is not and when i checked the transmission hoses they were just the same. i checked the oil and it dose not look milky and i checked the tail pipe for water and there is no water so i have not blown a head gasket. i have replaced everything i can think of on the coolent system and i am out of options that i know of can any one help me
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    did you bleed the system as the manual says
  • madsindermadsinder Posts: 2
    yes there were no air pockets
  • woowoowootywoowoowooty Posts: 12
    edited August 2010
    My car started overheating and I had someone replace the water pump, thermostat and the radiator. It is still overheating and I don't know what to do. Is it possible that the radiator needs to be bled? Can not bleeding the radiator cause the car to still be overheating? I know if I continue to drive the car when it is overheating, I can blow a head gasket or crack the head. Any suggestions? Also, I spoke to a mechanic who told me there are major problems with the 4.7 engine and that even though it isn't showing any signs, I might have already blown a gasket or cracked the head. The person who replaced the thermostat, water pump and radiator said my clutch fan was fine and didn't need to be replaced. What should I do? I don't want to damage the car more, if it is already damaged.
  • Hi,
    I really hope someone can help me. I have a long story that I will make short. I was idling in a parking lot and my JGC spiked in temperature. The "check gauges" light came on and I shut the car off and it started pouring out greenish fluid. I had the car towed to the repair shop. They installed a new thermostat and electric fan relays and sent me on my way. As I was transferring all of my gear back into my car in the parking lot of repair shop (car running with air on low), it did it again! Overheated and poured out green stuff. Repair guys came out and were quite embarrassed. They pushed my car back into the bay and got back to work on it.

    Next idea was that the radiator cap was bad. Two hours later they called me and said I could come pick up my car. It must have been a bad radiator cap. Well, 3 minutes later they called back and said never mind, the car had overheated again. It didn't get to the point of pouring out the green stuff, but it was close. They told me they would call me the next day and let me know what they found.

    So, today I was told that I had blown a head gasket. They say it was caused by my car overheating. How do I know that the blown head gasket was caused by me and not them??? And why wasn't that blown head gasket diagnosed earlier? Am I stuck with this huge bill or should I fight it? I feel like they should have caught it before I overheated the car again! For crying out loud, I was still in their parking lot! One last thing, my radiator was replaced 6 weeks ago and prior to that, 10 months ago! Of course,the second one was covered under a warranty!

    Sorry this is so long. I appreciate any feedback or ideas. Thanks!
  • Hi. Can anybody advise please. Driving along, engine overheated, opened bonnet and oil all over radiator.
    Dealer said oil cooler built in to main radiator, The oil cooler has burst into the water system, needs replacing and flushing out. £3,500. This is far too much money. The water header tank has a lot of oil in it. Can't see any water in the cooling system. Contacted a radiator company they want £470 for a new radiator, Can any body tell me how long it should take a garage to change the radiator and flush the system out please
  • Holy Jesus. I am in hell. I'm right there with you. I have been through $2000 and 2 mechanics. It was overheating when I bought it. We realized the oil and water were mixing. So, we had the head resurfaced, bought the gasket kit and had it all installed. When you put water in it drains right out and runs straight into the engine -just like it was in the beginning. About to have it towed off to determine the problem, hopefully once and for all but if anyone else has an answer before I tow it off to family 200 miles away, that would be great.
  • I have been through $2000 and 2 mechanics. It was overheating when I bought it. We realized the oil and water were mixing. So, we had the head resurfaced, bought the gasket kit and had it all installed. When you put water in it drains right out and runs straight into the engine -just like it was in the beginning. About to have it towed off to determine the problem, hopefully once and for all but if anyone else has an answer before I tow it off to family 200 miles away, that would be great.
    Also, I was warned the heater core was cracked but they had disconnected it and would fix it later. Pshaw.
  • nomi91nomi91 Posts: 3
    I am having problems with my 2000 jeep grand cherokee laredo.
    It shakes horribly like the steering wheel wants to go off by itself but most importantly i have had an issue with it heating up for the past 2 years.
    Its leaked out the antifreeze ive had the radiator replaced and alot of the insides replaced as well.
    With summer coming its starting to act up again as soon as i turn it on it just kind of shakesfor a few minutes then stops
    also when i turn it off and ive had the ac on it sounds weird like a loud hurricane sound.
    so far ive taken it to 3 different mechanics just this month alone
    but now im worried because last yr i had it straight wired and now the electrical system is whats wrong but i told the mechanics i chose to get it straight wired because of the previous problems before.
    so now im not sure what to do and if its possible to get it back to the way it was before without straight wiring and what kind of mechanic am i looking for or if i need a new motor as one mechanic told me.
  • bertumbertum Posts: 1
    01 lmtd water nt circualting tookout thermstt still have prblm chkd coolnt bleed acss point on pump no coolnt flow. heater nt wrkng a/c good. how do I check heater core cluged up. ? Pls help strapped for cash.
  • I need some help to fix the vehichle we use to pick up and drop my 2 year old off at daycare with! I was driving on interstate like normal and noticed the temperature made its way all the way over too 260! It said coolant low, check engine light was on, and so was the check gauges. Pulled over to notice it was overheating badly so I let it cool a while. Got home once it was fully cooled removed the thermostat to notice it was completely twisted and obviously bad so we changed it. After I changed it I thought the problem was fixed just to have the exact same problem! Still check engine light is one, coolant is full but coolant is low stays on, and when it's running for about 5 minutes it starts to get high and after 10 minutes its reached 260!!! I have no leaks and hear nothing different than I did before I had this problem. When driven around the block it runs perfect like before. No water in the oil, know knocking or pinging and the fan comes on when the ac is turned on and once it starts to overheat heat the fan will cllick on!! What could be my problem?? Please help me out
  • I just found out that I have a blown head gasket on my 1999 jeep grand Cherokee. Can anyone give me any help with changing it? Is it hard or easy? I have never done this before and can't afford to buy a new car so I have no choice but to fix it. HELP!
  • jal2jal2 Posts: 1
    Jeep has 74k miles, no prior heat problems, suddenly showed "voltage indicator/failure" light then temp went hot- to red zone on the guage. Car heated up , would not start, showed warning light: check gauges, transmission over temp. Checked radiator, was almost dry.. when filling with water, saw leak around water pump. Replaced water pump, thermostat, coolant sensor/thermistor. Test drove still heats to red zone on guage after 2 miles. When I turn the key off, I get "Transmission Over Temp" warning light. Fan runs constant. Need help, any ideas? Thanks very much.
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