Ford Edge Automatic Power Door Locks

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We just purchased a new 2009 edge, I was able to buy it through lowe's using the x-plan program, I really liked that concept. Also, I utilized the governments cash for clunkers program, I rec'd $4500.00 with that, $3000.00 from ford, and the other 'perks' from the x-plan offer. So far, my biggest complaint is how the automatic power door locks operate. My wife drives our edge to work/etc., and as we live in a large city we want to be safe. On our other vehicles..once they are started, and put in 'drive', the locks lock right away. I wonder why ford decided for their locks NOT to operate this way ? I would have thought they would have provided a method to change at what point in time that occurs. Thanks for any comments about this !


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    They lock when you hit 12 mph. When would your wife be driving at less than 12 mph and need locks?

    Of course all she has to do is reach over and hit the lock button if it bothers her.
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    Check your owners manual thoroughly. The auto locks may be able to be adjusted to lock immediately or not at all when the vehicle is put in drive. I was able to adjust the locks on my 2009 Escape Limited.
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    Thanks for a just seems strange that in a newer vehicle like the edge, it wouldn't work like in our older vehicles. It's one less thing to concern ourselves with.
    David :confuse:
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    I'm thinking I'll probably end up having to take it to the dealer and have it hooked up to a computer or something. :cry:
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    There is no user adjustment for the delay - it's fixed at 12 mph.

    There is a slight chance that the dealer has more options through the diagnostic tool. Wouldn't hurt to ask.

    But I still have to ask - when would your wife be driving under 12 mph and need the doors locked? I saw your other note indicating that the doors unlock themselves when she tries to lock them manually and that only happens when the keys are in the ignition and the vehicle is not running - keeps you from locking the keys in the car. If she starts the vehicle then hits the lock button she'll be protected.
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    I guess it all boils down to what a person's used I mentioned before, our other cars lock as soon as you put the transmission in drive. I think she's already figured out a system so the locks are locked before she moves the vehicle. As we live in a city where certain crimes occur pretty often, I don't want to have to woory about somebody just walking up and pulling her out. :sick:
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    I'm just curious though - does she drive at less than 12 mph? Because once she hits 12 mph they're locked.
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    Of course she drives over 12 mph, I just want her to be safe. You guy's must not live in a crime ridden city.
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    When I cruise through the big box parking lots around here, I sometimes have trouble creeping along over 5 mph. And some of those lots are a city block long or longer. Walmart is especially bad here with narrow parking lanes people are always trying to get in or out of, plus lots of folks walking down the parking lanes on their way to the store.

    Please let us know if your dealer has a way to program the locks to engage at a lower speed.
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