2010 Lexus ES 350

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I was trying to find out if anyone has heard about when Lexus is going to bring out the 2010 ES350? Since the 2010 Camry has already been brought out I would expect it would be soon. Also, does anyone know what changes are going to be made with the refreshing?


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    no news on changes...but the 2010 model will be out in Nov. according to 2 dealers I have visited...in process of trying to purchase 09 es350
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    go to www.burlappcars.com got a pic of the nip/tuck on the front and rear of the 2010 ES350. Buy one now. the new one's grille looks out of place on the ES.
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    I agree, if what I have seen of the refresh for the 2010 ES is to believed, then the 07-09 models definitely look much better IMO... :shades:
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    I :) hope to see one soon.
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    I wanted to know what people think of the changes made to the 2010 ES? there are some things I like and some things I don't like; its good to see Lexus put coat hooks in the rear!!!
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    Went by our local Lexus store to check out the possibility of replacing my just sold ride with either a new Lexus. I was looking at ES, IS and GS and we were underwhelmed!

    Walking down the aisle to check out the various options and how the exterior paint look my wife claimed they all made her yawn! She has an RX, 2004 in Bamboo Pearl and we were going to buy an 06 GS in Flint Mica (that might not have been the name in 06) but got money thrown at me to keep working so I had to settle for something that wouldn't lose all its value at 55,000 miles per year.

    Those were sharp looking colors, and the array of colors offered on the Lexus website all look as good, ON THE COMPUTER. In person they are BORING. I was suprised that they have as many colors as they do, 10. More is not better.

    I guess the proof of their scimping is in the prices on offer. I don't recall what an ES ran back in 04, but I doubt if they're 1000 more now, and it shows. Especially when you consider the slide of the dollar against the yen.

    As we left the lot my wife said that the Subaru Legacy, at 10,000 less looked as good or better and the Nissan Maxima looked to be a better value.

    Is it just me or do others feel the same way.
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    I just purchased a 2010 ES350, after looking at MB E350, BMW 5 series, Audi A6, Buick LaCrosse and Nissan Maxima (the new Acura is too ugly so didn't even check it out). The ES350 had the best features I wanted for the money. The new features that made me wait for 2010 instead of going for a 2009 (that was 2 months ago) were HDD NAV, the stability control "off" button (to get out of snow better) and the WAY NICER interior wood gives a much nicer ambiance -- the darker wood is so nice compared to the reddish wood.
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    I have mostly purchased new cars in the past (Camry's) and generally keep them for 8-10 years and average between 5K and 12K a year. However, my wife would like to own a pre-owned Lexus ES 350 ('07 - '09) and we're finding comparing apples to apples on a used Lexus much more challenging than any new car purchase.

    The only option we'd like to get is Navigation and back-up sensors.

    Other than checking the Carfax reports, can anyone give us some advice on whether we should consider a particular year (i.e. '07-'09) and/or price range to get the "best value?" Are the '07s virtually identical to the '08s and '09s or was there a problem with a particular year?

    (We've seen '08s from as low as 29K up to 36K and '07s from 24K to 32K. We were thinking that an '07 might give us the same Lexus quality we're looking for - for less, but if it makes more sense to go for an '08 or even '09, we're open.

    Any thoughts you might have on these and some additional questions below would be very much appreciated.

    I.E. Does it really pay to get the dealer "certification" or purchase from a private party and have it thoroughly checked out by a private mechanice?

    Assuming service records are available in most cases, if the pre-owned was a "loaner," is that less desirable than a corporate lease or is a vehicle that had been owned by one person preferable to a leased car? Are we better off accepting a higher mileage vehicle (i.e 30,000-50,000) for a price concession or just sticking with under 20K?

    Thanks for your feedback!
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    I guess this is the best place to air my experiences with Lexus. Back in 03 I bought a GL470. It has a switch in it that allows you to raise or lower the car about one inch to help in loading cargo. Then every time I came to a stop sign etc the car dropped an inch. Went back to Sales Manager. No problem. I have one like yours on the water coming from Japan. It’s yours, no red tape. So couple weeks later I drove off in a new GL470. Same problem. Sold it to Toyota dealer and got a new Toyota Highlander. Drove it for awhile. No problems. Then stopped by Lexus again a year later. Bought an RX330. After about 1000 miles got a slight ticking sound from the engine. Bothered me so I took it to service. They said wait until 6 month check. Don’t worry we will make it right for you.
    Started to get back in my car and an executive looking person stopped me and asked what the problem was. I told him. He called his Service Manager. They talked for about 5 minutes. Executive guy came up to me and said you’re not driving that car home tonight. And he put me in a brand new RX330. I was sold! Then the RX350's came out. Bought 3 of them over several years. No problems. Then one day I just plain purchased an LS460. The seats were a disaster. When I got in to sit down I sunk to the floor. It wrinkled, was very unstable. Had car 30 days and then back to RX350 for awhile. Then waited for the 2010 RX350 model to come out. Bought the first one delivered to the dealer. Brand new 2010. Oh oh. Big mistake. Lexus changed the suspension on the car. Thought I was driving a garbage truck or better yet a concrete truck. The roughest ride I have ever experienced. Drove car six months. Traded it in on 2011 Honda CRV. End of story. Honda is a great car. Considering the engine is a 4 banger it has power like you wouldn’t believe. Hope this all helps some of you good people out there. By the way, I now am sort of looking at the ES350.
    Any suggestions? I;m particular. A perfectionist if you will. :confuse:
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    Sorry - Accidentaly posted twice Kirstie or Karens. if you can delete one of my posts please do so. Thank you
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    Will the chrome rocker moulding that is standard on the 2010 fit a 2008 and if so, where can I get one??
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