Lincoln Aviator Air Conditioning Problems

roy52roy52 Member Posts: 1
The A/C is blowing hot air. When my neighbor hooked up a set of gages the high side was reading high and the low side was reading low. The manual with the gages indicated that the filters may be clogged. Does anyone know if this can be true and if so how would I get a diagram so I can locate the filters. Thanks in advance for your replys.


  • robchongrobchong Member Posts: 1
    The dealership wanted $1,000 plus labor. My local mechanic told me that there is a flat that gets stuck when switching from AC to Heat. He tried to reach it and managed to move it. Now we have AC. It is a common problem with Ford.
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    Now that's what I call savings! Thanks.

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  • dbrunerdbruner Member Posts: 1
    We have a 2005 Aviator and earlier this summer when the AC was on we noticed water under the floor mats. I have asked around and people say the evaporator drain is plugged and it should be located just outside the firewall on the passenger side of the vehicle. I have search but cannot find it and haven't had any luck locating a drawing or picture. Is there anyone out there who has had a similar problem?
  • dkshieldsdkshields Member Posts: 1
    How did you do this? We have the exact same problem, but I've been reluctant to begin tearing apart the whole dash since I don't know where it's located. In our case, it's the flap for the driver's side A/C (blows hot air on the driver while everyone else is comfortable).
  • rpeterson1rpeterson1 Member Posts: 2
    When I turn my air a the way to high you can hear the fan gets loader but it does not increase the air flow out of th vents.
    I first noticed this problem when the right side of the vehicle was wrecked and the front fender had to be replaced.
    The fan soundsike it is working fine but the cabin does not get the air. It works the same for the a/c and the heater.
  • akirbyakirby Member Posts: 8,062
    Did Aviators come with a cabin air filter? If so it's probably clogged. Should be behind the glove box if it's there.
  • wwestwwest Member Posts: 10,706
    Look for a plastic grocery bag, or such, sucked into the recirc. cabin air inlet duct.
  • rpeterson1rpeterson1 Member Posts: 2
    Where should I look to find the recirc. Cabin air inlet duct?
  • wwestwwest Member Posts: 10,706
    Above the front passenger's toes.
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