Hyundai Veracruz Incentives, Rebates and Color Selection

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Has anyone heard if there are any incentives or rebates announced yet for the 2009 Veracruz in August? I missed out on the $1000 cash to customer last month, and the only thing I see so far for August is the $500 military bonus cash.

Also, I'm looking specifically for the Veracruz with the Deep Blue exterior and beige interior, but none of the dealers that I checked within a 150 mile radius have anything in Blue. How does Hyundai handle car orders? Can I ask the dealer to order one specifically for me, or do they just get whatever the factory sends? I've never bought a Hyundai before, so I was just curious.



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    It appears that the same $1,000 rebate is being offered. Does anyone know if any dealer incentives are being offered on top of the 1K rebate?

    As far as selection, the 09's just started coming out in May, so that's why you can't find the car you are looking for. I've been told by some dealers that some models haven't shipped at all yet. I assume you may have to wait another 3-4 months to find what you are looking for.
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    I just tried building my own again on Hyundai's website, and it's showing a $2000 rebate now, but I still don't see any new info on I'm building a FWD GLS w/ preferred option package. I'm going to give the dealer a call tomorrow and see what he says.

    I've only bought one car from a dealer before, so my experience with getting the exact car I want from the dealer is pretty much zero. I have heard that you can ask some dealers to order a car to your specs along with their normal weekly/monthly orders from the factory at no cost. Not sure if this is a myth, or if Hyundai even works like this. Does anyone know if this is true or not?

    The main reason about my color question is because my wife doesn't want a color that "blends in to the road", and to her that means white, silver, and tan/khaki. That leaves me with black and blue. I guess black would be ok, but I didn't think it would be so difficult finding a blue one.

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    Anyone have any insight into the Toyota incentives for August? Interested in Tacoma and Rav 4
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    Hi Ellery8, this discussion has been retitled to reflect that people are asking about Hyundai rebates in here.

    Check the Incentives page for Toyota rebates and check out the Prices Paid and Buying Experience discussions over in Smart Shopper (that goes for you Hyundai shoppers too!).
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    So, it appears that the Veracruz rebate for August has been raised to $2000, and that selection is limited because the '09's aren't being shipped anymore. I talked to two dealers in my area, and they both said that the 2010's are coming out soon (which confuses me - didn't the '09's just come out a couple of months ago??). They couldn't tell me when though.

    I don't want to wait for months for the '10's, so looks like I'll be picking through the leftover 09's. I really don't want tan or silver.

    I hate car shopping.
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