Lincolin LS V8 crate engine?

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I have the ability to get my hands on a 2000 lincoln LS with the ford/jag 3.9 v8 but i would want to either superchage it turbocharge it or the mother of all projects put a crate engine in it.

If i were to put a crate engine in it what would i be looking for? anyone got any ideas?



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    There is a fairly inclusive supercharger kit available for the LS. Unfortunately, Edmunds site regulations do not allow me to tell you where to purchase it. However, I'll give you a hint...there's and organization dedicated to the Lincoln LS. Do a web search and join the group, and you'll find the s/c kit readily mentioned.
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    Yeah you're best bet is to mod the one you have. There's not much room for a bigger engine.
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    Hi! i know its been awhile since you posted this. Was wondering what you found out? Or if you know where i can find a used motor? i love my car and just cant let it go! thanks!
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