Infiniti M35/M45 Seats

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The G37 seats are awesome--supportive but not rock-hard, and especially nice under the back of the knees.
But the car is too small and the seat doesn't go high enough or travel back enough for my 6-foot+ height.
The M35/45 seats are too firm and cut me under the back of the knees in the thigh-support area, but the driving position and seat height are good. Please put those great G37 seats in the M!
Seat comfort is absolutely the most important factor for me in a car.


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    Our '09 M35x has the most comfortable and supportive seats I've experienced in 50 years of driving! I'm an Old Guy, 6'2", 220# with a congenital low back problem.

    Recently, we drove the 480 miles from Watkins Glen, NY to Lansing, MI, and my back felt better at the end of the trip than it had at the beginning. The only comparable seats I've experienced were in an '84 Porsche 944 (Recaro brand), which was 25 years ago when I was still young and robust!

    Infiniti, my vote is to leave the "M"seats alone!

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    Actually, the seats are excellent for my back, true. It is just the
    area in the front-top for thigh support that just seems to cut into
    the back of my legs. I am tall ( just over 6-feet) with ~37-inch legs, though.
    If the seats just had some more padding in this area, things would be fine.
    The M35 has more room and a better driving position than the current Lexus LS,
    I think (after sitting in both).
    But still, the G37 sport seats are really nice, with just the right balance
    of support and comfort, and I wish they were at least an option in
    the M and even the FX.
    Incidentally, I thought the FX seats were a little hard also, harder
    than older models. Thanks for commenting.

    As for the Taurus, I have not tried it yet, but will try to, so thanks for the suggestion (if it was meant for me, also). I wonder if any of the Lincolns
    share the Taurus interior.
    Have any of you tall folks tried a Cadillac Escalade or Chevy Yukon?
    Thanks in advance.
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