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BMW 3-Series Sport Wagons



  • mschukarmschukar Posts: 351
    I've been looking over the options list on the 325i SportWagon and I can't determine if auto climate control is standard or if I have to buy the $3500 premium package to get it.

    After owning a Volvo with auto climate control, I now consider it almost a must have option. It's so nice to get in the car, have it warm up quickly, but not too warm, without fiddling with the heat control two or three times. Unfortunately, my wife drives the Volvo most of the time.

    To those 3 series owners with or without auto climate control, does the heat system work well? Is it worth having auto climate control or does the manual control work better than most? I don't really need a moon roof or motorized seats, although I would like cruise control and the trip computer.

    On the other hand, what's a couple more thousand for a dream machine?

  • Auto climate control will be standard on 3 Series wagons starting with March 1, 2001 production cars. So will fog lights, heated mirrors and washer jets, and cruise control w/ multifunction steering wheel. Good deal.
  • mschukarmschukar Posts: 351
    It sounds like they're adding the base price going up? Is there someplace on the web to view the new options packages?

  • Base price is not going up. Just increasing the value of the car to be even more competitive by adding options to the base. Talk to your dealer as this info is not yet on BMW USA web site.
  • The computer on my 325iT indicates 22.5 mpg, this is cumulative, I now have 3000 miles on the odo. and have not reset since about 100 mi. I have the manual tran. and frequently rev to 6K rpm. I have not done the math to check the computer's accuracy, has anyone else? And what has your mileage been? Many thanks...
  • ahuiahui Posts: 15
    I have read on the 325 sedan posts that owners have had a lot of difficulty using baby seats in them. Does anyone know how well the wagon accommodates them?
  • I have decided on the 325 wagon with white paint/premium package/upgraded stereo and in dash cd. The MSRP is $34,420. I have talked with the dealer and it looks as though they want to get more of these out on the road in San Diego and will discount that. I am trying to find out what people have ben paying over invoice?

  • Leane, I priced a 325it out of Chapman in Scottsdale,AZ at $2250 over invoice. This was only intial offer so imagine there is some negotiating room on the down side. However, you may want to check, they are advertising 500.00 over invoice (you have to add their fee of $200-500) which would at worst be 1000.00 over invoice which is the best deal I have heard of. We decided the 325it was too small for our needs (2 kids) and are loking at the 525iT.
    Good luck, Randy

    P.S. I am in San Diego, which dealer have you been working with?
  • Leane,
    I live on the east coast and just purchased the 325it. I visited 3 dealers and two were 1500 under MSRP, while the third was 1500 over dealer invoice. Based on some of the earlier posts I felt the 1500 over invoice was as good as it was going to get, so I bought it.
    Good luck,

    PS.. Randy, if you are looking at the 525it, you may want to consider the X5. My salesman said that it was less expensive and felt it offered more features.
  • rdeschenerdeschene Posts: 331
    To get a good, quantitative review of the whole: RWD vs. FWD vs. AWD vs. "the heck with it, I'm buying a set of winter tires" question go to:

    and do a search for "winter-traction test"

    Basically, in the situations where you are on snow or ice and can get into real trouble (shoot, I can't stear, I can't stop in time...) you're better off spending LESS money on high-end winter tires than an AWD system. That reflects my experience to date - I live in Brockville, Ontario, Canada and drive between here and Ottawa, Montreal or North Bay and I am really amazed at how much better my Michelin Arctic Alpins handle than my previous all-seasons. From what I've seen/heard of AWD drivers, that's confirmed.

    Even from a dead-stop they offer superior traction, and at speed it's very much like driving in the warmer months (what Canadians call "summer" ;-)
  • mschukarmschukar Posts: 351
    I’ll second the recommendation for winter tires. I put the cheapest winter tires and a set of used rims on my Miata one winter and it literally changed the car from one of the worst cars in snow I’ve driven to one of the best.

    Think of it this way: AWD helps you GO, winter tires help you GO, STOP, MANUEVER and basically stay out of trouble. Winter tires and rims cost about $500 while AWD costs about $1700.

    It amazes me that anyone would buy AWD for snow and NOT buy winter tires.

  • RCPackard - thanks for the tip - Eurobyers is a cool site and I look forward to seeing what he comes back with. I am working with San Diego BMW although as I get closer to purchase I am widening my net - A gent by the name of Paul - nice and easy going. It seems like a good time to deal on these cars. Still thought about a 2000 for a better deal but you can't beat the extra ooomph of the 325-------

  • hey 3 waggoners,

    i test drove a 325xi with the steptronic earlier this year and while i was generally impressed with the car as a whole, I felt the engine + powertrain combination was starved for power. By the time those 184 horses get through the slushbox and the 64-36 power distribution, there's just not enough serious *go* left!

    so i'm curious: are there any plans to bring the 325's wagon+awd+steptronic configuration to the 330 platform for 2002?
  • Hello,

    I recently ordered a 2000 325xiT with an automatic transmission (I was in a pretty horrible motorcycle accident a year ago and can no longer drive a manual). I am now a handicapped driver and can't test drive cars because I need to mount specialized hand controls. However, I went ahead and ordered my 325xiT -- given my research and experience, it seems like the right car for me.

    My question is: can 325xiT owners please tell me if the BMW's 184 horsepower is adequate to pull the extra weight of the wagon and the all-wheel drive machinery given the power-sapping nature of the automatic transmission? By "adequate" I mean: is the car comfortable merging in heavy traffic, passing on the highway, etc.

    Thanks very much in advance, and I'd love to hear from any other handicapped BMW drivers out there in Edmunds-land.
  • jbwcfpjbwcfp Posts: 86
    I saw on speedvision last night a road test of a awd 330 wagon. Anyone have any idea when we will see a 330 wagon in the us?
    Jim W
  • uge123uge123 Posts: 100
    I'm trying to order a 325iT with manual because there are about 10 of them in the US. I can't seem to find ANYBODY in the Chicago area who will come down more than $700 or so off an MRSP of $34000. Has anybody had any better luck than me?

    Also...has anybody run into any kind of serious limitations secondary to the small trunk on the wagon?

    How about leather v. leatherette? Too hot in the summer? The one we tried with leatheretter didn't seem too bad yesterday in the hot sun. Thanks!
  • uge123uge123 Posts: 100
    oh... by the way...

    Edmunds calculates the TV of this car at just about $200-$400 off MRSP. How accurate are they?
  • Try Steve handles purchases of BMW for clients who pay a fee (I think it is between 200-500 dollars depending on car). He is currently advertising that he can get a 325iT at no more than 500 over invoice. Even if you add his fee that is still a pretty good deal. Let me know how things work out.
  • To add amplifying info to last post. I just checked Steve's site and the 500 over invoice was for purchases by the end of February (a bit dated). You may still want to give him a call and see if he can work out a deal.
  • uge123uge123 Posts: 100
    I spoke to Steve at eurobuyers today.

    I would consider going with him if not for the fact that I'm on a tight schedule with specific desires on the car. I need the car by late June at latest, and there just aren't any manual sport wagons with the sport package in existence in the entire country!

    Steve said that he could also arrainge an order for about $1000 above invoice, depending on packages ordered...but once again...we're closing out changes to the week 22 production and that's the latest production I can tolerate. Well..guess I'm stuck.

    The best deal I could get in the Chicago area for the 3 wagon was $800 off MSRP..which is about a 7.5% markup from invoice. It's not great but tolerable...especially after overhearing so many other customers in the dealerships signing for MSRP.
  • sbronsbron Posts: 2
    Does anyone know when information on the 2002 wagon will start to become available?
  • pocahontaspocahontas Posts: 802
    Here's a direct link to Edmund's Spin Around Town with the 2001 BMW 325xi, by Karl Brauer. What do you think?

    Thanks for your comments. ;-)

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  • I think you better read the very accurate Edmunds review of the 2000 323 wagon. I own one, so I'm obviously biased about BMWs. I didn't need AWD, but have test driven the new xi. There's a couple of things to consider-- and you CAN compare a BMW to a Subaru. First, if Edmunds (or anybody) really paid full MSRP for the 325xi wagon, then they shouldn't be allowed to buy a car. And if Edmunds (or anybody)can really find a WRX wagon for less than MSRP plus $$, then they can buy my next car for me! Second, if I want to put my family in a rally car (hey, it's Subaru's own advertising and nearly every review I read said the WRX feels like one-- which I'm not sure is a compliment ...)then I'd have to hire Richard Burns as our driver. And that would be an even more expensive option than an in-dash CD in the BMW (;->
  • From Edmunds own review of WRX:
    "..a setup that foregoes comfort in it's quest for unmatched performance. If you're looking for a great day-to-day driver that provides a little fun on the weekends, look elsewhere; this isn't the car for you."
    I did look elsewhere, and found a great day-to-day driver that's ALOT of fun EVERYDAY!

    Sorry to be so long-winded, but you asked...
  • pocahontaspocahontas Posts: 802
    Appreciate hearing your point of view.... We look forward to hearing more about your BMW 323 wagon experience. Happy Motoring!

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  • barresa62barresa62 Posts: 1,379
    Have you ever driven a WRX wagon? They are very easy to drive at docile speeds as well as break-neck rally speeds. They also possess some of the most comfortable front seats I've ever had the pleasure to sit in. And, yes, you can buy the WRX under MSRP. Go over to the Subaru Crew and read of some of the deals or i-club. I think that you have a fine car but please check your facts about the WRX before you post. Edmunds makes some good points about the feature content of the 3-series vs price in their review. I've driven both the 3-series wagon (2wd, not AWD) and the WRX wagon. The WRX is much more "fun" to drive. Additionally, Subaru's maintenance costs are significantly less over the course of ownership than BMW's.

    4079 miles in my 02'WRX wagon (master) :-)
  • Although I'm not quite sure why a Subaru owner would be reading/posting on a BMW board, I'm glad you like your wagon. Those sedan owners don't know what they're missing, do they? I drove 'em both too, and made my choice for the reasons noted above. I'm not really interested in checking out the Subaru boards because I don't own one. But let me leave you with a few more Internet WRX review quotes from various sources which I agree with from test-driving:

    "Although I'd question Subaru's assertion that it's competitive with a 3-series BMW, it surely tries."

    "'s a hassle in traffic...the WRX is too intense for a commuter"

    "(the suspension) makes for a stiff ride on backroads and a hard ride on the highway.."

    "A factory rally car, for drivers on a budget"

    Hey, maybe you answered because you liked my comment about Richard Burns--he's Irish, right?
    Hell of a driver. I actually like to watch WRC races on Speedvision and root for Richard. I just don't need a car to drive in my neighborhood like him, especially at your "break-neck" speed. Too many small kids and grandmas in the way, you know...
  • barresa62barresa62 Posts: 1,379
    "Although I'm not quite sure why a Subaru owner would be reading/posting on a BMW board"

    I'm first and foremost an auto enthusiast hence buying the WRX made by "Subaru". I want a lot of performance for my $. I like reading about a lot of cars, test driving, etc. I used to sell cars as well. I was actually curious as to how this topic would respond after reading Edmunds' review of the 325ix wagon.

    Regarding your reviewer quotes:

    "'s a hassle in traffic...the WRX is too intense for a commuter"

    Absolutely false! One of the great attractions of the WRX for me and other owners is it's dual personality. It's a docile commuter that can be easily turned into a lion above 3000 rpms. The AWD also adds a extra measure of safety and confidence, especially in traffic.

    "(the suspension) makes for a stiff ride on backroads and a hard ride on the highway.."

    Again, don't know what the reviewer was smokin' or what cars he is used to but the ride on the WRX is solid (read "firm) but well-damped and has excellent recovery over bad roadways.

    Instead of quoting a reviewer, you should risk a little revelation and visit the Subaru Crew or the i-club. You would read what potential buyers and actual owners are experiencing both about the car and the buying experience. Heck, you could do this w/o revealing anything to your BMW brethren. :-)

    BTW, regarding your first comment, it sounds a little like the awful Bimmer arrogance rearing its kidney-shaped head. I hope not. You've made a good choice in automobiles just different from mine.

    Take care,
  • My apology--no insult or arrogance intended! My opening line was just a reaction to a number of posting "trollers" over in the 3-Series Sedan Board. They seem to want to post about how great THEIR non-BMW car is on a BMW Board. I honestly don't understand why, but that's the freedom of the Internet. And I just meant I don't read the Subaru Board because I'm not shopping. I only have a limited time to play, and I'd rather keep up on the 3 series news and chat that improve my ownership experience. The rest of playtime is spent watching Speedvision...
    You seem like a nice guy and since I'm an "auto-enthusiast" too, I'll consider us friends who are having a little fun bragging about their respective cars. And my head does resemble my
    BMW--it's smooth and shiny! Now what about that Richard Burns--is he Irish, or is that Colin McRae?
  • barresa62barresa62 Posts: 1,379
    Thanks for the great reply. You are absolutely right about the trolls on the internet. I know that BMW forums and those that own them have had to put up w/a lot of "mine's better than yours" BS from the like. There's no denying that BMWs have been and still are the overall target for most performance vehicles. I guess this sort of behavior comes w/the territory. :-)

    I'm actually seeing this a lot w/the others posting "mine's better than yours" regarding the WRX. I guess, I too need to get a bit thicker skin. Maybe I can learn a thing or two from the Bimmer gang (?) :-)

    Thanks for the compliment. Now, about the rally drivers, I'm not sure about Richard Burns but pretty sure that Colin McRae is Irish (or Scottish). Oh man, I'm beginning to feel like the "ugly American" who doesn't know his geography or nationalities. BTW, I'm only of Irish heritage. The flag by my name is a result of my wanting to show this heritage. I just changed the city & country over in my profile to Dublin, Ireland.

    Take care. I'll try and visit here to see if you're posting.
    ( like the smooth head description, LOL)

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