How long to keep my 1997 QX4

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I only drive 3500-5000 miles a year, do all my required maintenance and service and have 115,000 miles on my 1997 QX4 in CA.

How long should I keep this car to avoid any serious expenses such as transmission, engine or powertrain overhauls. That is the key caveout - NOT much expense. I know I can keep this 200-250K miles, but how long can I keep it withOUT major costs above the basic breaks, plugs, belts, and oils/filter work?

Thank you for your honest and prompt response.


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    No one can say for sure how long any particular vehicle will last but if you're only putting on 5,000 miles per year and your QX4 only lasts through 150,000 miles then you can look forward to seven more years of good use from your car. Unless, of course, you're looking to justify buying a new car in which case I wouldn't risk running this one another day. ;)

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    This is not emmotional. This is a logical/statistical question. How long can I keep it based on the question details? (Please don't do obvious math of 35/5=7) but give me some stats of how long these things last if well kept WithOUT major expenses. Is it 100K, 110K. 120K, 150K, 200K, or some range of miles?

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    My '97 Outback hasn't cost me much in the last 5 years, but it's due for some maintenance soon that will run at least $700 and probably more. And it's worth perhaps $5,000 on a good day.

    My '99 Quest has cost me about $3,000 over the last year, starting when I hit 124,000 miles. It hasn't been worth $3,000 since it hit 100k miles three years ago.

    You could be luckier than me with your QX4, but your car is at the age and miles where you have to budget for and expect to have repairs. Too many variables for me to guess if you can go 200k without much breaking down. Not to mention that I just got back from a road trip to central California, and assuming that you are in LA, all that crazy traffic can't be helping your tranny any!

    That said, Nissans seem to have reliable engines and drivetrains. Our co-host, Pf_Flyer, runs Nissans forever, averaging 175,000 miles on his. Alternate Route

    I don't know what the average car payment is, but it doesn't take too many of them at $400 or $500 a pop to reach $3,000.
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    My transmission didnt need to be replaced until 200,000 miles and even then i got my transmission from a junk yard for about $150. In the long run i think continuing to fix your infinti will be cheaper than making a monthly payment on a new car. Even now, i lost my job and am still able to afford to keep it because its paid off and only need minor repairs (Which i can usually pick up from the junk yard).
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