2007 Civic EX dead overnight

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I have a 2007 Civic Sedan EX with 35k miles on it. I haven't had any problems with it at all. This morning the car wouldn't start, no dash lights, etc. Naturally thinking the battery is dead I attempted to jump it with my girlfriends car. After a few minutes of running her car, the civic would give me dash lights and some rapid clicking out of the starter.

I was worried about damaging any of the electronics so I didn't try to start it more than twice. Is it possible that my battery is simply too dead to start the engine or is it a sign of a larger problem? I can't imagine my battery dying would cause the starter to go.

The only cause I can think of for the dead battery in any case would be leaving my ipod plugged in over night, which isn't normally an issue (always seems like the cigarette/power ports get shut off with the engine).


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    In general terms, meaning not specific to your Honda, a battery CAN short internally between plates virtually from one car start to the next. I have personally started the car (it started strongly as usual) drove to a store, shut it off and it was stone dead upon trying to restart it a few minutes later. When it shorts internally no amount of external help in the form of a "jump" will do the slightest good. The only thing to do is replace it. So, it is my opinion that the battery is stone cold dead and needs replaced. If upon replacing it the car still exibits a failure to crank then you have bigger problems, but the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) principal still reigns
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    my 08 civic, at 1 week old, malfunctioned. I started the car, drove away, yet the dash lights failed to light up. I turned off the car, restarted, and the dash lights came on.
    Im the winter, the car does not start readily when cold outside.

    I think the car is flawed; probably a common flaw, which they fail to reveal to the owners.
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    Im not really sure here. I have a 97 honda civic ex 5 spd. I jus bought it from a couple who had it sitting for a couple months, and sold it to me because their kid couldnt pass his written exam.. anyways, after starting the car and driving it to my house, the battery died.. so I took it to walmart cause it was a new battery from when they had put it in, and walmart said it was a bad battery, so obviously I got a new one. So after hookin it up, The car started just fine. So, because I had a class to go to, I let it sit and took my other car since the honda isnt yet registered. so after 4 hours tops of sitting with a new battery, I came back home, turned its lights on, tried to start it, and it wouldnt start. the key wouldnt even move. i think it may be the alternator? but my dad said it could be the clutch switch or an ignition problem due to the cold moisture.. any ideas?

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    Hello, I have a 2006 Civic EX with NAV system.
    I purchased a 72 Month Battery 13 Months ago.
    On Wednesday I drove to work with no problem.
    After work my car would not start, almost dead Battery.
    Called Security and they gave me a Jump.
    Car drove home normally But was Totally dead the next day.
    Put the Battery on charger with a 6 AMP tapering Charge.
    Plenty of Battery the next morning but when I tried to start the car would start then immediately die with the Key Icon Flashing.
    Evidently the ECU had lost the key code and would no longer recognize my keys. Had the Vehicle towed to Dick Hannah Honda in Vancouver Washington. I specifically asked that they checkout the charging system. They examined the Car and Said that the Battery would Not hold a charge. So they Charged me for a New Battery, Recoded the ECU and told me that the Charging system was OK. The next morning the New Battery was Totally dead. Not even a flicker from any of the Dash LED's. So what do I do now? They have Computers to tell them what is wrong . Why can't they figure it out? It is obvious that there is a short or some electrical load that is draining the Battery overnight. If it was me I would use a voltmeter to check for voltage across the fuses with the Ignition switch off to find the problem. Are Honda Mechanics unable to do this?
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