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Chrysler Pacifica Warning Sounds

jimmy4802jimmy4802 Posts: 8
edited July 2014 in Chrysler
I have a 06 pacifaca touring. 3.5 front wheel drive. I drive about 700 miles a week and about 2 or 3 times a month I will get a " BING" sound like the door is open. Only this is driving down the highway, doors are all closed, seat belt on, just one BING! No lights on dash seem to come on and the speedometer will drop about 10mph. In one second the speedometer goes from say 60 down to 50 and right back up to my reg speed of 60. It may have something to do with passenger airbag?? sometimes I may have files, laptop etc piled on the seat?? I cant's figure it out. Any idea's. Jimmy


  • :confuse: Hi, I have an 06 pac with touring and I love this car its soooo beautiful actually my dream car, but i hear that noise sometimes to but I really noticed it when I was driving across the bay bridge and heard the BING! and looked down and same thing it went down like ten miles and then back up again, it really weird, well anyway your not the only one that has this problem.
  • I have an 06 and my first Bing began when I had less than 30,000 miles on it. When the Bing first started it was consistant so I took it to the dealership. My odometer would drop when the Bing's would begin. I was told that the tire sensor was bad and they replaced one of the sensors. Then after I hit 30,000 the Bing came back. Took it to the dealership and the other sensor needed to be reaplced. Now that I have 2 new sensors, every once in a while I get the mysterious Bing, but it's not like the other times. It's just Bing's one time then it goes away. This happens about once every month. No lights show up on the dash either. It drives me crazy.
  • THANK YOU for posting this (and for the follow up people posting as well). I have a 2006 Chrysler Pacifica Touring ......same as each of you. I have been slowly losing my ever-loving mind over this warning bell. There is no rhyme or reason to when it goes off. When I have taken it in to be looked at they tell me there is nothing they can do unless they hear it. It makes one 'ding" and the mph goes down about 10 mph and my heart drops because I feel like I am going to lose total power but everything goes right back to normal. It can happen when I am on the highway, when I make a turn, when I am stopped........absolutely makes no sense. I was told it was the tire sensor at one point but that didn't fix it. IT DRIVES ME CRAZY. I have looked on the internet for months now and today was the first time I came across anyone else with the same issues. Thank you.
  • dorightdoright Posts: 1
    I have an '04 Pacifica. I have recently had to make several repairs thinking that it was just regular maintenance since my Pacifica hs 91k miles. I recently had the timing and serpentine belts changed, but that car seems to be running louder than it has in the past. I am also experiencing some stalling. Most recently I stopped to get somethng to eat at a local Sonic. When I finish and tried to crank the car, it acted as if it did not want to crank. Fortunately, it did because my daughters were with me. Should I be considering looking into getting another vehicle or am I jumping the gun? I just don't want this car to break down while my children are in it.
  • blondel521blondel521 Posts: 1
    Thank goodness that I have found others out there that are having the same problem that I am having.
    The annoying Binging sound is accompanied with a popping sound coming form the
    speakers,the ABS and BRAKE symbols flash on and off and the dashboard lights
    I have so far spent $800.00 trying to get this problem fixed with no luck.
    The last mechanic took my car to a dealer and had them recalibrate the computer and that did not help.I was told that there is a manufacturers glich in the computers of the Pacifica.
    Has anyone had this problem fixed,if so please share,I am becomming desperate and I don't want to give up an otherwise decent vehicle.
  • ranger48ranger48 Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 limted and I have the same problem as blondel521. I would like to know if your problem has been fixed and how was it fixed.
  • jimmy4802jimmy4802 Posts: 8
    I put new tires on mine in April,2010 and I haven't heard the bing since! It may have something to do with the tire preasure. My tires were really bad and I had to check them from time to time, add a little air to one or two. It's been about 7 weeks now. I guess it's something to keep in mind. Do your tires ever need a little fill up? Does anyone have 4 newer tires and getting the bell sound?
  • I got 4 new tires a few months ago and still get the DING every now and then. Wish that had solved my problem but it didn't.
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