2003 Nissan Murano rear door hook

cefmur03cefmur03 Member Posts: 3
The problem is with the tailgate door hook. The hook stays in its position but is no longer bolted down. The nuts must have fell off and the hook is really loose. And now my navigation screen is telling me the door is open. The door does shut but moves too much. Is there any way for me to bolt this hook down without going to the dealership? Any help would be appreciated.


  • jayriderjayrider Member Posts: 3,602
    You could go to any local autobody shop and have it fixed.
  • cefmur03cefmur03 Member Posts: 3
    I would rather fix it myself. Do you know of any way to fix it?
  • jayriderjayrider Member Posts: 3,602
    No offense but if you are asking me how to fix it you are in big trouble. Take it to an auto body shop and get a free estimate -- they will break down the procedure and you can decide if you can do it. Might be simple or might involve removing sheet metal and panels. Who knows? good luck.
  • eardoceardoc Member Posts: 4
    I have a Nissan Murano 2010 SL AWD. My son's baseball bag strap is stuck in the liftgate which is now locked - unable to unlock the liftgate. Tried pulling the strap from the inside with no luck. Any ideas?Or will it be a trip to the dealer.
  • jayriderjayrider Member Posts: 3,602
    I'd try putting a bit of muscle into pulling- lifting it from the outside -- it might unjam. Otherwise -- no clue -- dealer or autobody shop.
  • shirley6shirley6 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 Murano that started showing problems with the rear door latch a couple of years ago. When pressed to open, the latch would not return to the original position and we would have to manually "reset" it. Now the latch won't work at all and we cannot get the liftgate open. Any suggestions?
  • jayriderjayrider Member Posts: 3,602
    I'm sure you tried wd-40 so I won't suggest using it to lube the mechanism. Beyond that could be a linkage loosened up. Would take it to a trusted autobody shop for a free diagnosis. Avoid the dealer for the repair but you could stop by and ask the service writer if he's aware of others with that problem. Then leave.
  • cefmur03cefmur03 Member Posts: 3
    My problem was not really with latch, it worked fine. My problem was with the the hook that the latch would lock on to. My rear door works fine so I would suggest going to the local body shop and get a quote. Thats what i did for my metal bar that the latch connects too, the bar was not screwed down anymore because the bolts fell off and were in the bumper, luckily they used a magnet to find the bolts and hold it in place when they put the screws in. I dont think that helps you but good luck.
  • chevy2novachevy2nova Member Posts: 1
    My liftgate will not open. Is there a way to open it from the inside?
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