What do you think? I need advice please.

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I am in need of a advice...

I am in the market for a Subaru Outback. As of now, I have two options available.

Option 1:
2000 Outback 2.5
100K Miles
$5,600 w/ 3 months warranty

Option 2:
2001 Outback H6 3.0 LL Bean Edition
142K Miles
$5,600 (warranty at additional cost)

Both vehicles are very clean and don't seem to have any problems. Both have a clean history w/ no accidents. The 2.5 may require a timing belt and water pump change whereas the 3.0 will not as it has a chain instead of a belt. I know that timing belts can cost quite a lot to change on an Outback. (Anybody have a guess as to how much?)
Also, from what I understand, the 2.5 models have had problems with head gasket blowing whereas the 3.0 does not.

If anybody could offer some advice, it would be much appreciated. I am leaning towards the 3.0 but the mileage is really quite high so I'm a bit torn. Thanks.


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    I would also lean to the 3.0 but would have it checked out by a mechanic before any cash changes hands. Keep in mind that the fuel economy will be a little lower and it will require premium fuel. Some service will be a bit more expensive and a bit more difficult to do yourself. It would help if it came with a complete service history too. The luxury items are real nice, but will cost more to repair (sunroof for example). Some people prefer the seats on the LLBean, some not.

    Is it at a dealer or a private owner? If the latter, inquire about how the 142K were put on - what is the owner's commute, is it used for long trips to visit parents, etc. The 142K miles could (you don't know) have been easier (less severe service) miles than the other's 100K miles. Every used car has its own story.
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    Me too, just make sure they do a compression test to make sure the cylinders are well sealed.

    You can use 87 octane, but power drops from 212hp to 208hp, which is still fine.

    I always like the Bean models, lots of nice little extras.
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