Did I get a good deal on my 2010 Subaru Forester 2.5x

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All right I just did the cash for clunkers and bought a brand new 2010 Subaru Forrest 2.5x (base model) with a

Carrier Base
Bike Rack and hitch attachments
Auto-Dim Mirror with compass
Bumper Cover
Luggage cargo cover
cargo tray
All weather mats
Splash Kit

For: $17, 806 with out tax and after the $4,500 for cash for clunkers

I bought the 7 yrs 100,000 miles warrantee and free oil changes for 3 yrs for 35,000 miles for $1975 more

Tax with be around $2000 after registration and such

Put $5,000 down and payments for 72 months at 4.9% for $237 per month

So total when I am all paid off I will be paying $24,064.

Did I get a good deal before getting cash out for cash for clunkers I calculated I save about $1000 off the retail price.

Please give me some feedback. I signed the contract on Saturday and I am thinking about canceling it because I feel that I got taken because the cash for clunkers is still money the dealership is getting and I feel that I didn't get jack off the retail price.


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    Unless my math is off, you're wasting $1975 for free oil changes up to 35,000 miles.

    If you assume you get a change every 3K miles (and you can really go 6-7K if not dusty conditions), that's 11 changes. If you assume $35 each time, total is $408.... hence, you've lost over 1500.

    Now, if that $1975 includes the 100K warranty, question is how much THAT costs.
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    the 7 yrs or 100k was $1600 for bumper to bumper
    the oil changes was 3yrs or 35k for $325
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    I think you can get a better price on the 7/100 warranty, though I have to ask whether this is the zero deductible or the 50 or 100 deductible? It makes a difference if you have to use it.... If you are sorely tempted to go with the warranty now (you can purchase it any time within the standard factory warranty period), you might consider negotiating the zero deductible 7/100 gold warranty for the $1600 price. :D
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    I don't think that's a bad deal at all, you got a grand off and some people are paying MSRP, or worse, missing out on the deal entirely if they can't find what they want.

    Keep it for sure.

    $1600 for the warranty is a little high, but if you got $0 deductible you did fine.
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    Would you be able to cancel it if you already signed the contract? You got a good deal; anyway far better than I did. In my case, I think the dealer jacked up the price to offset the $4500 cash for clunkers. I feel like I was robbed.
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    It's supply and demand.

    Supply was very short, some dealers were out of cars.

    Demand was crazy, with people rushing to buy those cars.

    Of course prices went up. That's how this economy functions.

    Sure you can get a deal that's probably $1000 better today, but then you'd give up $4500.

    Passing on that huge incentive is closer to being robbed - robbed of an opportunity.

    Penny wise, pound foolish.
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    They jacked up the price $4500, not $1000. I won't recommend the dealer - that's for sure.
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    Then I would have waited. I'm sure the clunker had some value, even as a beater.
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    If you know anything about economy, please tell us who is paying for what you are referring to "opportunity"?
    Obama opportunists and current administration incentives are robbing us all.
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    You are TOTALLY in the wrong thread. Since you're clearly lost, here are directions:


    Move your post there, then maybe it will be worthy of a reply.
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    Thank you to all those who have contributed answering my question. I have been driving my new forester since August. I am really satisified with it. So whether I paid less or more for the actual price. I will have this car for many years so in time it won't really make a difference.

    To answer the question about my clunker. It was a 1990 Nissan Pathfinder with over 130,000 and it was in very bad shape except for the engine. It was worth nothing because me and a bunch of people spray painted it for a fundraiser. The thing couldn't go over $65 with full passanger load becuase I would lose control. The forester is a very nice upgrade I can't wait to test it out in a Wisconsin winter.

    The only I wish I would have got a manual w/ turbo instead of the automatic.
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    The only I wish I would have got a manual w/ turbo instead of the automatic.

    I hear ya. If Subaru offered a manual with the turbo, I would have been sorely tempted to consider it - even at the price premium. As it was, I did not have to worry about it at all. ;)
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    There is a Sport XT model rumored for 2010, let's see if it comes with a manual.
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    I'd really appreciate some help with this. I'm looking to lease a 2010 forester 2.5x or the 2.5x premium for 3 years. I was offered $11,300 for the 2.5x premium, and that only included the first year's registration. I believe the $11,300 included tax and title. This is my second time leasing, and I got screwed the first time. I want to counteroffer something like $9,000. Is this reasonable? I want my net cap to be something around $19,000, is that reasonable? The LERV will probably be around $13,500. I appreciate any help I can get. Thanks for reading this.

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    I want to ask for some help.
    I'm planning to buy a 2010 subaru forester preminum trim.
    Question 1. How much should I spend to buy it?
    Question 2. Should I wait for the 2011 model?
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    The Premium trim on Impreza will get Bluetooth, so the Forester is likely to get the same upgrade. We're not sure if the CVT will replace the 4EAT, too.

    It's not announced yet so we can't be sure.

    IIRC those run around $23.5k or so street price, but I have not looked in a while.
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    Just bought a new Forester (premium) from Santa Monica Subaru. Paid more than I should have, thanks to the usual dealer tricks with the numbers. I should have insisted on finalizing the price before talking about the trade. If you think the "dealer invoice" price listed on some websites is the price they paid, think again. According to my State Farm Agent, the dealer typically pays about $5000 less than the sticker price on the car. I paid 22500, so I should have started negotiating at around 19500 for the price. Anyway, I liked the car, especially the giant moonroof, something that is a plus in LA. I was torn between the Mitsubishi Outlander and the Subaru, mainly due to the 10yr/100000mi warranty offered on the outlander. If Subaru is so reliable, why haven't they also upped their warranty to match Misubishi, Hyundai, etc? Although I didn't do the greatest job on the price negotiations, I did have a small victory- The dealer financed me at 3.9%, and I was able to drop that to 3.4% with included "gap" coverage, by financing thru State Farm Bank. Should have seen the dealer's finance guy's face when I walked in there with a check and told them I wouldn't be needing their financing. This saved me $1600 over the life of the loan and lowered my payments by $20 / mo, taking some of the sting out of the bad deal I got. Ha!
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    I think you did OK, I usually see people paying about 10-12% below MSRP for theirs.

    As for Mitsu...

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