2009 Dodge 1500 5.7 Hemi Questions?????

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Was looking at a 2009 Dodge 1500 5.7 Hemi ST, (the stripped down model with the hemi) over the weekend and thinking of buying one. Has a great ride and good power.

Was wondering what mileage real world users were getting?

And any problems that might have surfaced with this model?

Likes and dislikes?


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    I have an 07 but have read/heard that the 09's are getting 1 to 2 more MPH than previous 3 years years with MDS. Again, can't verify it but am hearing it. If you do buy, make sure you are getting both the factory AND dealer discounts when buying. You should be able to whopp about 12+K (+OR-) off the MFSP on a new one these days.

    Ski in TX
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    Hello Ski, after asking around your numbers sound about right. Last person I talked to said 13-15mpg around town and 20 mpg hwy.

    Surprised about the discounts, only one dealer has knocked off around 12k on an ST with the 5.7l. So far with the clunker rebates I'm only getting around 9k or less knocked off. And everyone had 10 to 12 models ST's and SLT's on their lots. But this is crooked LI NY, lol.

    Problem is the wife's hating the interior on the ST especially the seats and the SLT's prices seemed to be jacked up.

    Thanks for posting.
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    Buy the best you can afford. That's the best unsolicited advice I can give you. I got the Laramie because I wanted the best and fortunently, had the $ to get it. The Texas version of the SLT "Longhorn" and other such brands are pretty nice for a lot less. Leather seats, power sliding rear window, chrome package, etc. Play the game, you will get the deal (as long as your in the drivers seat on negotiations) that is.

    Good luck!
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    My Ram has been problem free, but there have been some issues, and Dodge has bulletins to correct most of them. MPG for the stock rear end 2wd's with 3.21 gearing is around 20 hwy and 13+ in town from what I read. I have the 3.92 limited slip rearend and 4x4 so mine is 2 mpg less. Some do better, but I've done worse.

    Btw, pick up an SLT Bighorn w/Hemi unless you absolutely need a long bed. It is worth the extra $$$. Cab configuration varies as does bargains, so shop around, even if you have to travel.

    Likes: power, quiet ride, amenities with BigHorn package, 0% apr + bonus cash

    Dislike: headrests
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    Hey guys, thanks for posting,

    Ski, this is actually a quick impulse buy. My present truck just had a major tranny problem and with the "CARS" gov allowance it's time for something new. Plus I'm usually a Ford guy but there are no deals on F150's so I need to get up to speed fast on Dodge (and Toyota) trucks and what the best deals are. Your posting that 12k off can be had, helped, and I used that as a benchmark and was able to knock 13k off an SLT hemi last night. thnx

    Problem is I've also been looking at the 4.6 Tundra's and for $2000 less than an SLT I get the same options and more room. Not as much power but a nice truck. So it's a tough call...

    canddmeyer, yeah it seems the SLT is the way to go. If I could just get better seats and 20inch wheels in the ST I'd be happy, lol Was finally able to get a brochure since most dealers seem to be out of them and noticed the different gear ratio's 3.92, and a 3.55. The 3.92 would definitely knock some mileage off. thnx for posting
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    I bought an 09 hemi lonestar/tx package about 4 months ago and in the city getting about 15 mpg and highway about 18-20....BUT I AM A LEADFOOT WITH THE HEMI....LOVE IT!
  • canddmeyercanddmeyer Member Posts: 410
    I haven't looked at Toyota's, but reading their forums I see the 4.6 owners are very happy, especially with the mpg. I read the truck ride is bouncier, but to each their own. Whatever you get, have fun.
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    I have a 2009 Ram 1500 SLT as of 10/24/2010 with 13000 miles daily driving we are getting 15 to 16 mpg, on long road trips at 65 mph we get up to 23 mpg.
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    I have a 2010 Quad 1500 which is pretty much the same as a 2009. With the Big Horn package (5.7 auto, dual exhaust, 3.91 LSD axle ratio, 20 inch tires) my total average at over 14,000 miles is 17.45 MPG. My best mileage to-date is 21.57 in mixed driving. Best highway was 22.32. These are measured tanks, not using the vehicle computer.

    I just came back from a 674 mile trip and got 21.7 as I pulled in to Gettysburg, PA. The trip back to Rochester, NY, was 20.2. The difference, I think, was I stuck to the speed limit going to PA, but coming back I boosted the speed, sometimes over 70 mph.

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    Wow, that's great mileage. I just purchased a pampered '09 SLT HEMI Quad Cab with 15K miles. A fantastic truck, but the mileage in suburban driving doesn't seem all that good so far. The MDS is so seamless that it's hard for me to tell when it's activated or not. I wish the truck had the 3.92 rear ( primarily for the limited slip ) but feel for my type of driving ( very little freeway ), the 3.92 would return equal mileage to my 3.55 because it would get into higher gears sooner and the MDS would activate sooner as well.

    I reset the mileage computer and I'm getting around 16MPG. I need to get used to coasting up to stop signs whenever possible. The truck coasts so good, that it's hard to get used to when to let off the gas. I will say that the coasting seems to make a HUGE difference with the mileage. I assume the 20" wheels will also cut into the mileage a bit because they're heavier and a little wider, but some of that loss should be made up, on the highway anyway, due to the larger diameter.

    Does everyone out there use 89 octane gas? Will 87 octane work?
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    In my 07 the manual says to use 89 octane but 87 works just fine too. I do however find that I get a mile or so better mileage out of 89 but then again, it costs more.

    If you break it all down, 87 is cheaper (but you get less mileage) and 89 is more expensive (but you get more mileage). Probably works out the same way either way cost wise.
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    I used 87 octane for the first 3800 miles, then switched to 89 octane. Like the previous poster, it looks like I might be getting between .4 to .8 better MPG with the 89 octane. I've never tried to do a cost comparison between the 87 and 89, but I can definitely tell the difference when the engine is running on 89 octane. The engine has a more responsive feel to it, most noticeable in the low to midrange.

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    I have an '09 Ram 1500 Quad Cab 4WD with the HEMI and 3.55 gears. It has the factory Class IV receiver hitch and hence, should be ready for towing - but is it? First of all, the 7500 lb tow rating seems ridiculous. I have recently towed a 10,000 lb trailer for a total of about 7000 miles through Tennessee mountains with no problems using a 2001 Tahoe rated at 290HP - 100HP less than the Ram HEMI. Why the low Ram tow rating?

    Will I need to get a transmission cooler for the HEMI, or does it already have one that is adequate?
    How about an oil cooler for the engine?
    Does anyone know if the MDS disables when the " Tow " button is pushed?

    Any info on trailering experiances will be appreciated. Thanks, Richard.
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