Saturn S '00 - Reverse Going Out?

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My car will start up and go into reverse no problem. However, once the car is warmed up (which I think it warms up a little quickly) it won't go into reverse. The problem has been getting worse for a year or two, but always works fine when the motor/transmission is cold. Also, going down the highway, it runs great and the engine never gets too hot.

Is it just a transmission going out, or is it a cooling issue?


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    Typically the valve body. Did you have the "reverse slam", where there would be a delay before it went into reverse, and at that time it would be a hard shift?
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    Thanks for your response, and Yes. That is how it started. Once it got warm there was just a 2-10 second delay before slamming into reverse.

    I am still able to get it to go into reverse when I really need it to by revving the engine (and holding the brake).

    A new and quickly worsening symptom is that (particularly in hot weather) after a few stop lights, it will stop climbing all the gears. Which one it hangs on is random, lately it has been 3rd gear, for a while it was 1st. After it cools a bit it works fine. Is there any form of coolant that might not be reaching the valve body to cause this?
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