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2010 Cadillac SRX

rbirns1rbirns1 Posts: 258
When does the new 2010 SRX hit the showrooms? Have they announced official pricing and financing/lease deals?


  • I was at the dealership today, and he told me another 3 weeks, he should be getting 2 in. I really want one, can you order them?
  • 40yearfan40yearfan Phoenix, AZ.Posts: 102
    Coulter Cadillac in Tempe, AZ. has 3 of them on the lot.
    2015 Buick Encore Leather Edition
    2014 Buick Enclave Premium Edition
  • Available in the Washington DC AREA as of last week
  • Just test drove today. Was impressed and loved all the bells and whistles. I think the cargo space is good, the car is beautiful to at. Loved the black color with chrome accents, and the enhanced rims were pretty sweet. Need to wait and see what kinda of incentives they will roll out though, not much going on. There is limited supply, so in a couple of months when they start to have more inventory, I hope they get more creative with their pricing and leasing options.
  • I tested a Performance version today and liked it a lot, excepting the chrome wheels. My lease on an 07 SRX is up in January, so it's a little early for me to get too serious. Will be looking at the RX and the Infiniti EX, but for many reasons, hope that this new SRX will win out. I'm concerned that the incentives and/or lease deals will not be competitive, but I have time to be patient. I am hoping others will share their purchase/lease experiences. Thanks
  • I bought one of these. First, the right front turn signal went out, then the left. It cost over $300 to change a light bulb due to bad design. Everyone who has ever borrowed my car has hit their head on the door and cut their face because the door shape aims at your face when you open it.

    Oh, park that car with the glass sunroof in Arizona or some desert spot and it heats up so much that when you try to open the back the panels on the top have expanded so much that the back trunk hatch cannot be opened without bending the roof panel. That cost $750 to fix.

    This car is why GM should go bankrupt. A true piece of crap. It is a Chevrolet with fancy plastic on it. Badly designed, poor mileage, and bad handling. Get a Lexus or a Nissan or some other competing car, this one is really a piece of trash.

    Mine had a bad rear end differential, the air conditioning vents are useless because they do not hold their position and you can't aim them at your face in a hot climate (maybe they have changed this in the new models, but for this price it is inexcusable).

    The transmission is a slushbox, cannot get out of its own way, and is a total gas waster. Do not believe the EPA estimates, you will get about 17 MPG average - 19 on the freeway if you are lucky, and 12 in town. My 40 year old mercedes and 30 year old buick were better.

    Buy this car if you must have an american make and have more money than brains.
  • My dealership was not open for normal business today (they were doing a third annual DNA sampling of kids to assist law enforcement), but while I was there today I did get a chance to sit in the SRX and check out the details of the execution.

    As an owner of a 2005 SRX, I've watched the original product launch in model year 2004, get refined for NVH in 2005, and then version 1.5 hit in 2007 when the interior was heavily revamped. The car was often lauded in auto magazines for its styling and handling, even though GM never really made a true sport version of this car (unless you count the 20 inch rim version they sold at the end). Despite the praise, this car was always a case study in flawed execution.

    The original product launch was botched when GM incorrectly thought that the V8 Northstar version would be more popular than V6. The result was that dealerships were swamped with $55K V8 cars when 3/4rds of buyers wanted the cheaper V6 versions. The interior was taken straight from the 2003 CTS, which was controversial in that car. In the SRX, it looked truly downmarket compared to Lexus, Mercedes, Acura and everyone else.

    The '07 interior upgrade went a long way in fixing the main interior issues but the proverbial damage had been done. While this was the interior the car should have launched with, buyers were looking elsewhere. And of course, the competition wasn't standing still. The competition was putting in even better materials and fit and finish by this time which made the SRX look like "close, but no cigar".

    Finally, the original high-wagon design of the car endeared itself to some but turned it off for others. My wife and I personally love the design. It's a proper RWD/AWD car that's not too wide and quite long. This allows for a third row if you need it but in our family, we used it more for hauling stuff. The old SRX could easily fit 8-10 bags of mulch without having to fold down the 2nd row of seats. Trips to Costco were easy as the SRX swallowed most anything you threw at it without intruding on primary cabin space (where our second row holds two kiddie car seats).

    So now I'm faced with the new car. How does it stack up? Well for one, the 2010 SRX is a completely different animal. As previously stated in press reports, the true competitive bogey is no longer the BMW X5 and is now the Lexus RX350. This means a FWD/AWD layout and much tidier dimensions. Walking around the car was a very recognizable Cadillac. The front clip apes the same large grill found in the CTS but curves in a many almost reminiscent of steam locomotive cow-catchers. This is not a bad thing as it lends a commanding image for the vehicle and hides the FWD dimensions. The side of the vehicle is where most of the criticism I've seen lies since GM has taken some of the Saturn Vue styling cues. But it's not enough that I consider it a real problem and the vehicle separated itself from the Saturn mostly past the b-pillar. The rear taillights are really cool as they make you forget that Lexus pretty much invented the oft-copied tail of many vehicles in this class. For the most part, I like the current Cadillac styling direction across all post '08 CTS products.

    If I had to describe the interior, I'd say that it's appealingly evolutionary. Ever since the '03 CTS, Cadillac has been listening and learning. The '03 CTS's interior was a radical design and they deserved points for trying, but wide expanses of black plastic looked cheap even though it wasn't from a cost standpoint. The next mistake was repeating it with the original SRX even though there was an 18 month window in launch times between the products. But there were good things that came about. Parts of the XLR's dash design (the hand stitched overlaying soft materials) began to show up in other products (the '07 STS, the '07 SRX, the '08 CTS and now the '10 SRX). Likewise, mistakes with the XLR's dash (the cheesy Bvlgari branding, the HVAC cluster straight from a CTS) weren't repeated.

    But the whole package seems to be well put together. It also seems that Cadillac has been paying a lot more attention to details that would have been missed in years past. For example, the cupholders in my car are mearly functional. The front ones work but the rear ones in the midseat arm rest seem almost like a cheap afterthought. In the '10 SRX, the front cup holder can be adjusted for both normal sized and super sized drinks. The rear cupholder is not only substansial but also attractive. The driver's seat now has adjustable thigh support, something that previously was only found on the expensive Recaro seats of the CTS-V. The cargo bay not only has the main underfloor hiding place that's been shown in photos but also a couple of smaller ones. And all of it is wrapped in a level of polish that Cadillac wasn't delivering in the 2007 model year.

    If I had to complain, I'd talk about the transition between the center console tunnel and the main dash. On the CTS, this is a smooth transition from one surface to another, but not in the SRX. This was intentional, probably to give the dash more of a 3-dimensional view to the eye. But the unintended effect for my legs is that they tend to hit the transition point making it feel annoying. This is likely going to open happen to people like me given my excessive height. The car is wider than I expected (a good thing for my shoulders) but the room between the front seat and the rear seat is a bit less (not surprising, but the new thin seats make up for some of it).

    The biggest loss from the old car is clearly cargo space. Compared to the old car, it's like someone cut the space in half. On my family vacation this past August, we were able to cram everything we needed for the driving trip into the rear. On this car, we'd need a roof carrier. There's still space for going to Costco, but anything really large might require a set folded down, which means the kids stay home. Cadillac has compensated by throwing in an available rail system to hold groceries and the aformentioned storage systems.

    I won't get to drive this car probably for another few weeks. By that time, hopefully the dealership will get the CTS wagon in for comparison. That car carries the other half of the original SRX DNA to was bifurcated when the new SRX was designed. If the old SRX had to die, at least Cadillac is giving buyers a choice on what personality you want out of a people mover/cargo carrier. Choice is a very good thing. And as for the SRX, I expect Cadillac to sell a lot more of these cars. And that's good for GM as a whole.
  • Did you actually buy the 2010 version which is completely redesigned inside and out? what year car are you referring to that you bought?
  • rbirns1rbirns1 Posts: 258
    Dvpriem must be a frustrated Lexus fan. If you actually owned the car, those items would be fixed under warranty costing you nothing. "Everyone who has ever borrowed my car..."--this thing just hit the dealers a few minutes ago. You can't have owned it more than a few days if that. How many people could possibly borrow it?

    Now that I read the post again, it seems he may have the old SRX. If that's the case, post in the correct forum. This is for the 2010 SRX, a completely and radically different vehicle.
  • When you test drove the 2010 SRX did you notice any vibration? I have driven one here in Canada, ( yup, we get them here too!!!) and the car, an AWD Luxury edition has a vibration that seems to oscillate once you hit 100 kmh or 60 mph and above. AThe dealer has been checking for service bulletins and now they say they have parts coming to correct the problem. Any similar experience?
  • rbirns1rbirns1 Posts: 258
    I have driven 4 different SRX's with no vibration issues. Maybe a wheel was out of balance? Was sunroof open? This can cause wind buffeting and vibration, especially at highway speed.
  • The first test drive, the dealer found the rear tires were out of balance a bit. They did re-balance them, installed the small plastic air dam on the front below the bumper, but none of these things changed anything. The sun roof was closed tightly as were all other windows. The service manager took a ride with me and he acknowledges there's something going on. Sure hope they find the problem as I'd love to buy the car. The parts were supposed to be in today, so if the dealer can install the "fix" what ever it is, I'll post it here so otgher that may find themselves in a similar situation may find the fix on here rather than go through numerous trials.
  • pearlpearl Posts: 336
    I will be interested in hearing what owners of the '10 SRX are getting for mpg. So far, most of the car mags have ripped it for being overly heavy (~4300 lbs), resulting in quite a load for the 3L engine to move and yielding poor mileage. The Lexus RX350 is only a little lighter but has a larger 3.5L motor with much more torque and does not seem to labor as much. Anyway, you would think that with the push on all manufacturers to improve mpg, they would all be trying very hard to get the lard out of their cars.
  • I was looking around at the dealer inventory here in Atlanta and noticed that no one had a AWD 3L available. Are these just not being manufactured yet? I would really like to be able to test drive one with the AWD - but doesn't look like that is going to be possible in our area. This true nationwide?
  • rbirns1rbirns1 Posts: 258
    I got an AWD 3L last week. Here in the NY area, that's pretty much all you can get. Guess they assume most people in the South don't want AWD.
  • ericzoomericzoom Posts: 213
    I test drove a 2010 SRX with Lux. pack. today,and had some observations on this vehicle. The inside was noticeably smaller than my 08' SRX, but the seats were very comfortable, and I especially liked the pull-out thigh support cushion. I found the dash a little busy, but seemed to work well with the rest of the interior. I also found the vertical A/C vents to be too small to cool the drivers side. Granted this was a 90+ degree day here in FL., but didn't seem to have decent air flow coverage. The car seemed to handle pretty well, but was seriously lacking on power, especially on the low end. I had to punch the pedal pretty hard just to get on the highway. The numbers don't lie with that 223 lb ft. torque coming high in the rev band. (5200). In comparison my 08' blows the doors off this engine. I guess where it's really supposed to make up for that short coming is in fuel economy. In the meantime i still have a cheap lease on my 08', and I'll see what happens when that's up in 17 months.

  • rbirns1rbirns1 Posts: 258
    The new 2010 SRX cannot be compared to the previous model. They are completely different vehicles with nothing in common besides the name. They really should have renamed the new one. Anyway, the old model was more of an oversized sports sedan (wagon, actually) with possible seating for 7. It was built for performance with sport-sedan power and handling, but poor gas mileage, boxy styling, and high price ultimately led to slow sales. It never fit with the target customers, if they even really knew who they were. Was it aimed at performance drivers? They usually don't want wagon styling or seating for 7. Was it aimed at soccer moms? They would usually trade 0-60 time for comfort and economy. At over $50K, was it aimed to compete with luxury SUV's? Not enough luxury and questionable styling for that market.

    The new model is aimed squarely at the luxury SUV market. They did their homework this time. Most luxury SUV buyers want comfort, style (in and out), and quality, along with luxury goodies. Most are happy with "adequate" performance. They get all of this with the new SRX. The dominant sales leader is the Lexus RX, with the highest market share of any vehicle in any segment. Cadillac aimed to build a better Lexus and steal some of those sales. It looks like they got it right (I got one), but only time will tell.

    As for the "serious lack of power", that is true when compared to the old V8 SRX, or to other high performance vehicles. If you compare it to the typical SUV, it's not bad. 0-60 in 8.2 seconds, while a little behind other competitors, is not exactly slow. It also happens to be the same pace as the V6 version of the old SRX.
  • ericzoomericzoom Posts: 213
    I was comparing the lack of power of the new one to my 08' V6 SRX, not the 8. There is no way it has the same pace as the old one. It all comes down to "too much weight,too little torque high in the rev band. I would more likely change it to "barely adequate performance". It had practically no punch at all, which IMO can become dangerous in some situations. Obviously GM knew about this shortcoming to have a Turbo option offered sometime in the future.
  • The launch of this vehicle in terms of the engine reminds me of some of the issues of the 2004 SRX launch, but not in the same ways. Back then, Cadillac though that there would be a bigger mix of V8 Northstar buyers so they launched the car with many more of them in the showrooms. The public facefaulted at the $50K+ base price and went for the more reasonable $40K+ V6 versions. And the V6 versions had adequate power for most buyers.

    Fast forward to today. The 2010 SRX gets off the ground with the smaller engine only and the more powerful (but smaller still) turbo engine won't be available for another month or so. I agree, 223 torques is not going to cut it for us men who were used to the midrange of the old SRX. But to the women the car is trying to appeal to that are probably crossshopping the RS350, it's probably going to be adequate again. And there's always the turbo engine if you really want more power.

    I'm curious if there are better methods that GM can use to reduce the weight of vehicles like this without driving the costs through the roof. Weight reduction has become a big concern not only with performance vehicles but everyday cars that are equipped with more and more safety features that increase the mass of a vehicle. There has to be a program like this at GM studying the issue. Hybrids and electric vehicles will be even heavier without weight reduction programs.
  • john178john178 Posts: 48
    If the SRX is indicative of similar vehicles to follow, GM just might regain some lost customers. Somebody obviously did their homework on this crossover. It's hard to find fault with this car- I was pleasantly surprised that the cost for my Front Wheel Drive, Performance Package with additional options was well under $50,000. The ride and handling are superb. The Navigation system and full sunroof are awesome. The interior design is second to none- including the Lexus RX350 I compared it to. Now if GM could just crank out more of these for dealer lots, instead of making folks drive hundreds of miles to locate one ( which I did).
  • Limited supply because they are selling faster then they get them!
    Don't look for incentives till after the new year or even longer?
    Then again February is usually a very bad month for car sales so who knows?
  • john178,

    I agree....I ordered a Grey Flannel Performance with the ebony interior and will fly into Chicago and drive it back home...but I think it's totally worth it.
  • john178john178 Posts: 48
    Bigliljen: You must have had your mind set on an SRX, flying to Chicago to take delivery. I drove nearly 200 miles to take delivery of my Imperial Blue Exterior, Shale Interior. Another customer was ordering a Gray Flannel with Ebony Interior at the same dealership when I picked up my car. The only color close to this on their lot was a Silver SRX. I like all the options- but the Navigation system is awesome and user friendly. The back lift gate being able to be programed to an adjustable height is a nice option as well- especially when you have a garage door that is an issue for other SUV's I've owned. I hope you enjoy your SRX as much as I have mine.
  • John178,

    Well I shopped around in the Cleveland area, and this dealership in Chicago got the MSRP down by $1000 more than anyone else. It's supposed to be here by mid NOV and I can't wait! I like the adjustable pedals & lift gate, not so much for the gargage, but I'm petite so every little bit helps! I'm a Lexus baby, my IS 250 lease is up soon, and the RX 350 is ok, but wasn't thrilled about the body style, and I'm definitely NOT a soccer Mom! I will have a Grey Flannel, Performance, with chrome rims, and hopefully the dealership will have the splash guards by then as well! Enjoy your ride, sounds sweet, and I'll post when I get mine!
  • I just took delivery of one last tuesday, black raven with ebony interior...premium pkg AWD. On day 3...NOTHING turned on. No Power...nothing. It's been at the dealership since Saturday morning and they can't figure out what happened. Brand new car, 3 days power. It started Saturday morning with a jump...but seriously after 3 days, you shouldn't be having issues with the battery. I've always been a foreign car kinda gal...this is my first American car. I hope this is just a fluke...but I must say I am SERIOUSLY disappointed.
  • Luvcars8,

    Oh, sorry to hear! Hopefully it's a fuse or something? Wow, I'd be crushed too! I'm a bit cautious with GM with everything they've been through anyway, but I'm hoping Cadillac is holding it's own. Good luck with yours & hope it's fixed soon!
  • So they were unable to reproduce the issue. They were on the phone with technical support all day and ran every diagnostic they have so far...nothing. It's fine far. Fingers crossed!
    One more thing...battery dies...the tranny has to relearn your driving pattern, until then it's jumpy. Interesting.
  • Oh no, I took delivery on 10/20 & I did not get out of dealer without car needing a jump.
    We were messing around with hatch trying to figure out the 3/4 setting.
    When I went to start the car it was totally dead.
    I notice the car shuts down after 5 minutes to prevent it from dying, but yet still does.
    Since I left dealer yesterday I've been fine. But I notice if car is not running & in "Accessory mode".
    Battery "Volts" drop from 15 to 13 real fast. Something is up for sure.
    Love to know what I will do when I go to a drive-in movie. Car will shut off every 5 mins. :cry:
    Oh well, everything about this car I love, so I will be very patient & hope the BEST!
  • Could a lot of problems with this vehicle be attributed to its place of manufacture?
  • You make a good point. I didn't notice this fact until I bought mine and took a really good look at the window sticker, which, up until I bought the car was in the back window which is heavily tinted and made it hard to read. This fact would not have stopped me from buying this car because I like it so much, but you do have to wonder about quality control.

    My story is similar to one of the earlier ones on here: We took a 24-hour test drive in an Imperial Blue one a couple of weeks ago at the saleman's suggestion. It was a very rainy evening and so we drove around with lights and wipers, etc. all running. We parked the car at the end of the evening and the next morning the battery was totally dead.

    Cadillac Roadside Service responded and jump started the car and we took it back to the dealer. The car had been sitting out for a few days with nobody driving it, so we assumed the battery had just gotten weak.

    Fast forward to Tuesday of this week when we bought a Carribbean Blue Premium edition. We took it on a trip yesterday and on the way back it was snowing and we had the lights, wipers, etc. going. Guess what? This morning the battery was dead and they replaced it.

    I think the batteries they put in these SRX's are maybe not powerful enough given all the electronics, etc. that are on these cars. Or possibly the alternators just aren't up to the task of keeping the batteries charged.
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