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Problems with 07 freestyle fwd only had it 3 days

z28danz28dan Member Posts: 1
edited May 2014 in Ford
Been reading for 3 days about the freestyle as we just bought one.
I thought I would share my problems as well.
1.My left front pocket is bulging with all the cash I am saving at the pump and is quite unsightly.
2. The lack of shifting due to the smoothness of the cvt does not stir up my stomach and my food takes longer to digest.
3. The looks I get from women when I pull up to the supermarket are quite annoying. I liken it to the ogling women get from const. workers.
4.I am finding it very difficult to hear my children bickering and fighting when they are in the third row seats.I fear I am losing touch with them.
5.My chiropractor is going to go out of business now that these seats fit me so comfortably my back no longer needs any adjustment.
6.I am feeling distant from my wife as I am constantly either running to the store several times a day in it or standing in the driveway staring at it, I find myself spending more time behind the wheel and less together time with her.
Any one else having these problems? lol


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    tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    I don't know how you can tolerate that. That would be enough to drive anyone bonkers. Short of extreme counseling or outright institutionalization you may want to try the following less disruptive remedies:

    1. Donate that extra cash a worthy charity - or acquire a lead foot and vary your speed wildly while driving. Underinflating your tires should also help.

    2. You can unsettle your stomach with a handy supply of jalapeños, raw fava beans and warm brie; you won't even notice the smoothness of your CVT.

    3. Repaint your Freestyle in the loudest, brightest psychedelic colors you can find which will prevent prolonged gazes from anyone.

    4. To get your children bickering again, place a single iPod or other age appropriate technology in the back seat.

    5. Your chiropractor will be back in business shortly after you place plywood boards across your seat and seatback extending across the lumbar support.

    6. Solutions 1 through 5 should inhibit your desire to run off to the store or to stand staring at your Freesytle in the driveway although it may be that your wife actually enjoyed those quiet moments alone. :)

    I offer this as a public service to any and all Freestyle owners who may be suffering these odious maladies.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
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    megstwinmegstwin Member Posts: 5
    I'm so happy for you, yes it is a fantastic car right up until the point that you start to have problems. When you have the throttle body issue, file a complaint with the NHTSA @ 1-888-327-4236 or online at www.nhtsa.gov. You will know this is the problem when the car starts to lurch forwards or backwards after you shift it into gear. It will cost about $800.00 to fix it and there is no guarantee that it will stay fixed.

    Sorry to rain on your parade, but you might want to get an extended warranty on it. Did you check the cars history at car fax before you bought it? I will pray that you be spared the issues so many of us have had. Good Luck!
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    coldcrankercoldcranker Member Posts: 877
    I've had no significant problems with my 4-year-old Freestyle with 53,000 miles. However, statistically is the only valid way to answer "how reliable" the Freestyle really is. Out of thousands of owners randomly surveyed, the Freestyle is above average in reliability. In every make/model of vehicle, there are problems. All we can hope for is to beat the average, which the Freestyle obviously does. Reference: Click here and scroll down to the CR reliability charts, mid-sized SUVs, Freestyle...

    People will come on this forum complaining about real problems they have, but we all know that any make or model of car has parts that break. Sorry about reality. To single out the Freestyle as being particularly bad is wrong, since out of thousands of owners out there, we are better than average amongst all cars.
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